12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World

12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World

What is a surf spot? Which are the famous surf spots in the world.? There is nothing more exciting than riding the waves in the ocean on a surfing board. Surfing is a thrilling sport which is becoming very popular around the world. Apart from the experience of the adventure, this sport also keeps you fit. Surf spots are the places that have the perfect wave quality to suit the surfing skills you have like a beginner, intermediator, or professional. 

There are many surfing spots, but some are most popular among the surfers around the world. 

Here Are 12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World

12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World

Pipeline Hawaii – Surf Spots

This place is the first choice for all the surfers because it gives the most thrilling and chilling experience a surfer could get. Therefore, this place is the mother of all waves with a height reaching over nine meters. In Ehukai beach park on Oahu’s north shore.

Uluwatu And Kuta

In Bali Indonesia, this surfing heaven attracts many surfers from many countries. Therefore, this surfing spot is fit for many surfers from beginners to skilled. Everyone enjoys this beautiful surfing spot.

Tahiti-French Polynesia- Teahupo’o

Known for its most dangerous and fearful waves, this spot can make even skilled surfers feel nervous. This Tahiti reef breaks as well as is famous for its short and dangerous waves. 

Supertubes – Surf Spots

In Jeffery bay of South Africa, this surfing spot is well known for its best right-hand ride in the world. All the surfers around the world come here for famous long wave rides, which can go over 300 meters long.   


In California, this surfing spot is famous among the most daring surfers with lots of guts to ride on these monstrous waves, which rise to frightful heights of 20 meters or more. Therefore, one can only reach these waves by jet-ski or by speed boats.


Crowned as the surfing capital of Europe draws lots of surfers. This place in France is famous for one of the best ride tubes as well as a heavy wall breaking.

Cloud Nine

Siargao island in the Philippines gives a bone-chilling experience to surfers because of its powerful reef break as well as massive waves, which crash into the shallow coral reef. You need to have the perfect skills to ride on these waves.

Manu Bay

This beautiful surfing beach is for all skill type surfers. Also, in Raglan, New-Zealand produces waves that range from one to three meters in height and are easy to surf. 

Jaws – Surf Spots Around The World

12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World


Hawaii island of Maui has one of the best big wave reef breaks. Therefore, the waves in this surfing spot may reach over 25 meters in height. It contains a deadly combination of right as well as left waves.

Baler – Surf Spots

If you want to surf in warm waters as well as enjoy your holidays, then Baler is the perfect place. Baler surfing is very popular among the holidayers from all over the world. It is one of the best places for beginners.   


In gold coast Australia this spot is famous for its wonderful tubes as well as solid walls which attract surfers worldwide.


This surfing paradise is situated in Tavaruwa island in Fiji and is known for its most deadly as well as brutal waves.


Given above are the 12 Incredible Surf Spots Around The World that will motivate you to achieve a goal in your life.

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