5 Chair Yoga Poses For Beginners

5 Chair Yoga Poses For Beginners

Are you suffering from any injuries? Still, you want to do yoga? Can yoga be done while sitting on a chair? People suffering from any kind of injuries and are not able to perform yoga can take help from a chair. Yes, the chair can help. Chair yoga is a modified version of the hatha yoga.

There are several benefits as this can be practiced while you are traveling on long flights or sitting for too long on your office desk. It is very flexible, and it improves your flexibility. It can be advantageous for people who were suffering from chronic pain, osteoporosis, or any such disorders. People who were old age and had difficulty standing for long can also use yoga for their yoga routine.

People looking for a boost in concentration or if they want to reduce anxiety for any kind of stress chair yoga can be a game-changer for them. It doesn’t require a lot of physical strength, but practitioners have improved flexibility, relief in cramps, and better mental health, Here are some of the chair yoga Routine 


The Cat-Cow Stretch Chair Yoga

Plant your legs firmly to the ground while sitting on the chair, place your hands on your knee, RQ spine and inhale. Get to the cooperation and from the cowboy position while exhaling, drop your chin and get to the cat position.  It is one of the best yoga stretches, first starting the chair yoga sequence.

Side Angle

Keep your leg grounded, bend your upper body over your nice as well as place your hand on the floor, hold it tightly to your calf with the opposite hand, and extend yourself with your chest up and inhale. Hold this pose for 10 seconds.

Urdhva Hastasana Chair Yoga

Maintain good upper body posture and keep legs grounded. Reach up with both your hands and down again. Repeat this for 15-20 times. It’s a great shoulder mobilization routine.

Forward Bend Chair Yoga

Keep your legs grounded, and bend your waist over, tell your hand rest on the floor. Bring the hands again up over your head. Repeat this pose for 10 to 15 times. It gives you good for a workout.

Chair Pigeon 

Bring your right ankle up to the left eye. Hold your ankle in line with your price as much as possible. Repeat it on both sides—signals flexibility and mobilization to the hip muscles, as well as the thigh muscle.



Hence, we can conclude that yoga can help people with mobilization and the benefits of yoga. Improve your muscle tone. It helps in bringing healthy breathing habits. Yoga even helps in the reduction of stress and anger issues.

It improves your sleep cycle and concentration levels. It is a blessing for all the working population as it gives mobilization to their body while sitting for long intervals in their desk. You can practice it on the desk and chair itself, and no need to take a break from your work and practicing it.


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