50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

There are a multitude of cycling gear and accessories you can choose from.

A great cyclist once said, “I have always struggled to achieve excellence.

He is Greg LeMond, three-time Tour de France champion and also twice Road Race world champion. This former pro rider surely knows what it’s like to be on the cycling field. 

With the background of the outdoor surroundings and the challenging terrains, cycling has never been like any other sport. Your bicycle, the way it’s made, can contribute a lot to the experience, but most of the time, it will depend on your actions. Taking care of your bicycles, no matter what their form, is important. Beyond the bicycle, there are sets of gear that every cyclist must own. 

1. Bicycle Bluetooth speaker

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Absolutely perfect.”

This portable Bluetooth speaker is filled with many stunning features. First, it has a handy LED flashlight with three SOS light modes for safer cycling. Second, the speakers themselves have the 32G card that lets you enjoy various types of music. Third, its waterproof design with the shockproof features will ensure you only hear high-quality sounds. 

2. Cycling gloves with two-finger touch screen

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Great, just what I needed to keep my hands warm when riding in winter,” the customer review indicated.

These cycling gloves have their outer shell in 90 percent polyester, seven percent microfiber leather, and three percent nylon, all durable for your needs. Meanwhile, the inner material is from an insulated thermal lining known as polar fleece, making it very comfortable to wear and resistant to tear. With the two-finger touch screen, you won’t have to struggle to take the gloves off the hands to answer texts on your mobile phone. 

3. Waterproof night headlights

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Superb product, ships so quickly within nine days, the goods arrived. Very nice finish, more than I expected.”

Road accidents are more frequent when the sun sets and the night falls. But interestingly enough, there are cyclists who love the energy and the difference in nighttime cycling. Never compromise safety and install these waterproof bicycle headlights. It has the USB solar charging feature so you come unstoppable. 

4. Super light wheelset for the road bike

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Everyone will agree that road bikes aren’t the easiest vehicles to maintain and to maneuver in your cycling spree. This is why you need this 700c super-light carbon road bike wheelset, the most important upgrade you can do for your bikes. 

Wheels made from carbon will improve the acceleration, provide the benefits of speed, and lower the rotation weight. And, they are also tough but very lightweight. All types of road bicycles are compatible with this wheelset. They come in three finishes — 3K glossy, 3K matte, and UD matte. 

5. Mirrors for a 360-degree view

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Easy to install, these bicycle mirrors can be rotated for your 360-degree view. It holds with the bicycle so you do not have to worry about it not being compatible with the bicycle you own. It’s a reflective mirror made with ABS plastic. 

6. Repair stand

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“It inspires confidence.”

How difficult is it to repair the corners of your bicycle without support like this repair stand? With this, you will never have to strain your arms holding your bicycles high up if you need to repair, say the parts of the wheels. This carbon fiber repair stand is loved by several customers. 

7. Saddlebag for your valuables

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Product came exactly as described. Inside there are three bits of netting on the sides to keep everything organized. The outer pocket for a bottle will fit a regular water bottle easily,” a buyer reviewed. 

Your bicycle isn’t your car where you can store your belongings almost anywhere. Space is limited, so you need a functional saddlebag that will carry your stuff. Reach out in the saddlebag if you want to get hold of your spare cycling gear or even your water tumblers. 

8. Three-in-one chain checker

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

The 3-in-1 chain checker is more than your common bicycle tool. Since you get three purposes in one, you can also use this as a chain hook and bolt measurement tool, aside from a chain loss checker. What’s this for and should you really have it?

It is designed to provide the most precise assessment of the condition of the chain. It measures 10 chain nodes, making it great for estimating how the chain is doing. It tells the best accuracy whether or not the bicycle chains already need replacement.  

9. Chain cleaner

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“The set is excellent.”

What does with a good set of bicycle chains? The chain cleaner. No one should miss this item because it functions well and helps you have smooth rides wherever you go. It comes with the brushes scrubber box and sponge. 

10. Brakes lever with derailleur cable and adjuster

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Control of your bicycle will at times depend on the lever you use. The best brake levers can reduce the bike’s speed and help the vehicle to also change gear. Ideal for road and race bikes, it also protects your bicycles from acquiring any type of damage. This tear-resistant gear comes with an adjusting block and inner derailleur cable. 

11. Mudguards or fenders

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Mudguards or fenders are a must-have since they offer protection for the bicycle from dirt and mud. There are times when you hit the road under the rains or in the muddy ground after heavy rainfall. It protects the rest of the gear such as the chainring, derailleurs, and gear wheel. They also save you from grime and mud, and all of the elements entering the bikes and diminishing their function. It’s one of the most durable fenders in the market since it is made with PVC material.


12. Seat cover

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“I really like the quality. Now, I feel better when I drive on the bicycle. Made from silicone, suitable and perfect.”

Prefer seat covers made with non-slip PVC, silicon and thick sponge. Aside from providing ultimate comfort, they also look very beautiful with your bike seats and the entire vehicle. They’re great for your health since they protect your backs from strain.

13. Speed cassette

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Believe it or not, this 11-speed cassette has never been rated four-stars or one-star on customer reviews in the online store. All reviews are rated perfect five. 

Recommended for mountain biking, it consists of cogs and pins with high-strength steel to protect it from heavy loads. With this strength, it will provide the bicycle with sufficient coverage countless of miles in different elevation and terrain. Plus, it’s very compatible with any derailleur. It offers a better shifting experience, better performance, and so much more. 

14. Trunk bag

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Many cyclists want adventure, and they also trail long distances. For these, what you need is the 60L trunk bag. It is very spacious, especially for the mountain bike. Around town and across provinces, you can bring almost anything on your ride. Have them inside this bag that you can carry to the rear of your bicycle.

Whether the distances are near or far, perhaps you only use your bicycle to visit the grocery store, this bag will store your belongings and stuff. It has several compartments and is designed with reflective strips.

15. Air valve adapter

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Exactly as promised, clean thread and good seal/finish quality. Very impressed,” a five-star review says. 

This air valve adapter will improve your cycling performance, since they can convert your valves from Presta to Schrader, depending on how you intend to use the vehicle. You won’t have to worry if you are a beginner in the cycling world, because the adapter is very easy to install. 

16. Smartwatch

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

It’s the smartwatch that every cyclist is looking forward to having. If you want to track your cycling metrics, including the heart rate, speed, mileage, calories you burn, and more, then this smartwatch provides the figures for you. It also allows you to receive calls and text messages from the wrist watch.

17. Anti-haze mask

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

“Excellent! I ordered two equals. My son uses it for the scooter, and I for nail application, I’m very satisfied,” the customer reviews the product. 

Can you even believe customers also have it for other applications beyond cycling? For instance, in nail application. But this anti-haze mask for men and women is the cycling accessories to have that will protect you from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollens, smog, and more. Nylon and spandex are the materials. 

18. Baby bike seat

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

This baby bike seat is a front chair that provides more safety for your kids’ cycling. The sustainable material is a high-resistant brass, and you can even choose from different colors. Whether for the mountain bike or the regular leisure bike, the baby bike seat won’t fail you, since it also comes with a thickened rear support. 

19. Bike lock 

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Nobody wants to lose their bicycles, because these are also products of your investment. However, you don’t know what the environment can give you. People want your bicycle as they sell the bicycle parts for a good price. But this belongs to you.

Have a bike lock for your bicycles to prevent these incidents. Gather round, this is very easy to install. It consists of two safe keys with adaptable steel links to secure the bikes in any situation. Then, the elastic covering counteracts scratching, keeping the locks very tough against any heist. 

20. Thermal winter cap

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

For cycling enthusiasts like you, it does not matter if it is the summer or the winter season. With this thermal winter cap, you will have protection for your eyes and forehead. The fabric is soft yet sturdy, plus it comes with lengthening ear protection. If you are bringing your eyewear with you, this ca is designed to accommodate this item with a trendy eye-wear hole feature.

21. Bicycle bell

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

You can be more prone to accidents with your bicycles on the road. One of the most important gears to have is the bicycle bell. Perfectly designed for road safety, it is made with rubber bands and high-quality aluminum. It comes in various colors. Choose between Silver, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, and more.

22. Brake lever

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

The brake lever is characterized as a small level made with metal that cyclists can mount on the handlebars. It functions to move the brakes, either with the use of a compressing hydraulic fluid or a cable. It helps you to effectively stop the bicycle when you need to let pedestrians cross or you see cars passing by. 

23. Bicycle chain

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Customers note, “The chain is super, delivered very quickly, nothing damaged, everything is gorgeous.”
Bicycles cannot function with these chains. Available in different grades, competition level, and training level, these anti-rust bicycle chains come in various colors — silver, gold, black, and gray. Since they are made with the highest-quality materials, they are durable for your regular or mountain bikes.

24. Waterproof bicycle cover

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

You are familiar with the car covers, and now it’s time that your bicycles have them too. 190T nylon with UV coating is the material, making this bicycle cover very durable, dust-proof, windproof, and UV resistant. Even if your bikes are parked outdoors with the unpredictable weather, it can stay protected.  

25. Bicycle crankset

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

You hear this most of the time from advanced cyclists — the bicycle crankset, and should you really have it? The answer is yes. It features an optimized crank arm design in the right weight, not too light or too heavy. This is best for every ride because they don’t make them stiff like what other rides can be. Ensure better performance all the time with the crankset. 

26. Cycling handlebars

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Customers say, “Handlebar is very economical… The steering wheel is comfortable, strong.” 

Not all cycling handlebars are created equal. Therefore, you must choose those designed for better grip and useful for longer rides. The butterfly shape of this item makes it very ideal for different hand positions. 

27. Helmet

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Government regulations today are strict in making sure cyclists wear the proper helmet while they are outdoors. Cycling inside your neighborhood is different from using the bicycle in main avenues and streets. Perhaps you can get away when you bike with your friends in your vicinity, but threats from accidents are in areas where you get on the road with cars and other motorists. 

28. Electric pump

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Need instant air for your cycling tires? This electric pump takes away your hassles in the middle of the avenue without a nearby gas station, this item will serve you best. It’s very portable and compact, so you can store them inside your bicycle compartments or baskets without taking up too much space.

29. Wireless speedometer

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Are you cycling for training? This wireless speedometer will be your sidekick on the road. These are very easy to install and are also rechargeable, so you can bring them with you continuously. Simply use the USB cable to charge. And, they are waterproof so you can cycle under rainy weather, and more. 

30. Spoke lights

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Your safety while riding depends on your choices of the gear. You must have this 24-piece spoke lights on your trips. They have reflector clips that provide better reflection, and protection against glare and irradiation. These make them very useful to take your bicycles with several cars and motorists. 

Here’s a takeaway: they also run in solar power or water power so you do not have to use batteries for this gear. 

31. Cycling stem

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

What is this hollow and lightweight gear all about? This bicycle stem comes with the steerer tube and the cycle handlers. They basically offer the maximum balance for the cyclist in rough terrains, providing the best stability. It’s also very comfortable by reducing shocks from uneven surfaces.  

32. Triangle frame storage 

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Customers who bought the cycling gear say, “Can easily fit two camera spare parts one repair kit, universal key, and also a power bank for the flashlight.”

If you are carrying a lot of belongings, it’s not over for you and you can still ride the bicycle outdoors. With this triangle frame storage, you can have a secure storage space where to place these items. This is an item to cherish since it is long-lasting. 

33. Bearings

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Another important gear to look for are the bearings. With 20 ball-like structures around the bearings, they will help the handlebars rotate smoothly and in more precision. In other words, they minimize friction and support the axial and radial loads for the wheels. 

34. Polarized eyewear

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

There’s a big difference between cycling with no eyewear protection and with you wearing the polarized eyewear. Each package includes the protection box, your cleaning cloth, myopia frame, polarized lens, glasses bag, and movement head harness. 

35. Wall mount holder

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

How do you store or park your bicycles? Do you just lean them toward a wall? In these ways, you’ll damage your bikes. With this wall mount holder, the bike safely hangs on a wall, carrying its weight against gravity. It’s easy to use features make it possible for you to simply attach and detach the bicycle from the wall mount each time you are headed out for a ride. 

36. Helmet mirror

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

If you are the type of rider who rides your bicycle in rough terrains, you might want to consider a must-have gear: the helmet mirror. It will enable you to see approaching motorists since it is a mirror that gives a rearview and can be adjusted for a 360-degree view. 

37. Helmet pads

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

These helmet pads are Velcro pads that minimize the discomfort for the cyclist, especially during long hours of rides. The material is cotton, making this a very lightweight option for everyone. The pads are also offered as a set, so they include the front pad, chin pad, adjuster back pad, two sides pad, and four top pads in the package. 

38. Helmet with windproof lenses

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

This one’s a hybrid of a helmet and eyewear in one. The aerodynamic design of this helmet with windproof lenses will keep the entire trip very comfortable. It uses a very durable material so you can keep this with you for several months or even for years. Protection and safety are of the utmost importance when cycling. 

39. Pedals

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Do you need to replace your old bike pedals? Choose these pedals for different units, whether it is MTB type, BMX, or trail bicycles. What makes them different is it utilizes painted aluminum, and the axle is of steel. Choose from the colors of black and silver. 

40. Multi-repair toolset

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

You cannot escape bike repairs, and you’ll do this maintenance phase from time to time. To make it a whole lot easier for the cyclist, the multi-repair toolset should be on your must-buys. The material is a steel alloy, one of the prime choices of manufacturers because it is very durable for the product. They’re very portable and easy to carry. 

41. Breathable socks

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

No cycling adventure should leave your feet hurting, especially that you will be pedalling your bicycle. Wear these breathable socks designed for every cyclist to stay comfortable all the time. It promotes blood flow, and long to protect from sands and bushes. Choose from different colors and styles.  

42. Safety tail light 

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Getting safe on the road will require you to have accessories, including this safety tail light. It provides the nearby cyclist, car driver, or motorist to distinguish directions, since it produces arrows that indicate left turn, right turn, or break. These are perfect if you are utilizing your bicycles for more rigorous and intense cycling. 

43. Tire pressure gauge

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

This innovative tire pressure gauge should be on your bucket list for its ability to prevent flat tires, or inform you on the onset. Attach them near the bicycle tires to make sure your rides are continuous on various terrains. It comes with an LED emergency torch and power back with adequate battery capacity for different types of rides. 

44. Bike trailer for kids

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Cute as they sound, this bike trailer for kids can be attached to the bicycle so they ride along like on a fairy tale carriage. Simply attach them to the bicycle with ease. 

It’s a wagon that features a five-point safety harness to protect the kids from falling. It also includes a trailer with a bike hitch for connecting the bicycle to the trailer. With its all-weather canopy, the children are protected from the sun and rain. Make sure to practice supervision while having these with your kids. 

45. Wheel cover

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

This wheel cover is beyond luxury. Nowadays, it’s become a necessary item to have to protect the wheels from any dust and residue. It covers the bicycle from end to end, including the chains and the pedals. 

46. Footwear covers

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

If you are wearing branded cycling footwear but the weather isn’t favorable for you, these footwear covers will protect your footwear from deterioration. It is designed in Velcro, and you do not have to worry about minimizing the pedalling strength. They are manufactured to interfere at the very least with your cycling. 

47. BMX chain

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

The BMX chain will transfer the power of the pedals toward the wheel. It features two cogs that work simultaneously in the process. One of the gears is located at the pedals, and the other at the rear wheel. Having these chains is necessary for the entire functioning of the bicycle. It’s made with high-quality metal and is also corrosion-free. 

48. Braided bracket lines 

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

Another product to have for cycling safety, these braided bracket lines are with PTFE flexible tubing, and are in various lengths. They also feature a 28-degree chromate treatment, among the best choices in the industry. 

49. Compression calves sleeve

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

For outdoor sports, compression apparel is the ideal option. The compression calves sleeve will protect your calves from injury, minimizing muscle strain so you can keep cycling without the pain. This material is used in various other apparel in fitness and sports, including tees, shorts, winter wear, and more. 

50. Cycling computer with speedometer and stopwatch

50 Items That Every Cyclist Must Own

The cycling computer with speedometer and stopwatch is the secret to every cycling progress monitored in detail. There’s no way you can miss out with recording your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and more. The figures will translate to a data metrics once connected to your laptop and PC. It also supports different languages. 

When talking about must-have items for cycling, there are certainly more that you can know about. In the extensive availability of these products in the market, with all the various brands, making the choice may be as challenging as riding your bicycle through the most difficult of terrain and landscape. These 50 items are the choices you should always have with you for improving every cycling adventure you take.   


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