7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

Do you want to have fit and toned upper arms? How about doing some triceps workout at home without any equipment to get it? Triceps are also referred to as the three-headed muscle. If you have strong and powerful triceps, they strengthen your body as well as make you strong enough to push everything, be it people, equipment, or any other thing.

Let’s have a look at seven easy triceps workout at home that you can do without the need to have any equipment or to go to the gym.

Close-grip Pushup

7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment
7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

Famous for being one of the best bodyweight moves, Close-grip Push-ups are extremely effective. You can practice them anywhere without any equipment. It is kind of a bonus triceps pump that you can drop and do a quick set with. While trying this triceps workout at home, make sure to engage other muscles of your body.

Close Grip Bench Press

Bench Press is an effective workout to improve the development of your chest and core muscles. However, a simple change in its grip can help you to expand your arms. So, place your hands closer while doing this workout. It will allow your triceps to work harder and become stronger. The workout will develop strength in your body and improves its growth.

Diamond Push-ups– Effective Triceps Workout At Home

One of the toughest triceps exercises, Diamond Push-ups, requires you to apply greater upper body strength. You can perform this exercise on your knees and gradually go towards the toes. The exercise will work on all three heads of the triceps muscles. It is one of the best as well as effective workouts for your triceps.

Triceps Gravity Press

Don’t miss out on Triceps Gravity Press if you are willing to do triceps workout at home. The exercise challenges your body to use your triceps differently. They won’t get much stretch but remain under tension from gravity.

DipsTriceps Workout At Home

7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment
7 Easy Triceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

If you want to develop stronger triceps, Dips is another exercise to try at home. It is a tough one as well as depends on how you position your feet. Under the exercise, you need to bend your knees to make it slightly easier for you. On the other hand, if you extend your feet, it will make the workout intensity.

Triceps Workout At Home- Kickback

To develop triceps, this is one of the most basic workouts. If you do it properly, it will force you to straighten your arms as well as parallel them with the ground. Do it easily at your home without the need to have any equipment.

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

If you want to nail your triceps, try doing high reps of Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension. The exercise will promote a serious as well as a quick rush of blood flow to your muscles. It will provide a great pump for you.

Pump refers to the cellular swelling that occurs due to blood pooling in the body muscles and results in speeding up the muscle growth and repair after you complete the exercise.


So this is it about the triceps workout. Start with your practice soon and see the change in your upper arms.

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