Harness For Climbing

A Good Harness When Climbing Can Save Your Life! Check This Guide with the Best Ones on the Market!

Whether you’re a rock-climbing pro or someone with no previous rock climbing experience, every single rock climber should take proper safety precautions to avoid a deadly fall. And one of the best ways to ensure your safety and well-being as a rock climber is to select the right climbing harnesses for you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best climbing harnesses available at ForeSport and explain which one is more suitable for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Climbing Harness: Professional Outdoor Sports Safety Belt

When it comes to rock climbing, the difference between an average and a good-quality harness can become the difference between being alive and being seriously injured or worse, death. That’s why we’re introducing these professional outdoor climbing harnesses that will keep you safe during your rock climbing journey.

Made of polyester reinforced wires, these climbing harnesses are extremely durable and lightweight. It’s so tough that it rarely gets worn down even after several high-tension impacts with sharp and rough rocks.

This is a half-band harness that has one waistband and one leg loop that will keep you in balance even when you miss the mark.

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Adjustable Full Body Harness

Was the last harness just not your type? We understand. And we believe that when it comes to risky sports activities like rock climbing, you shouldn’t take a harness that you have nothing but half-baked belief in. That’s why we’re introducing this new adjustable full-body harness that supports your whole body rather than a few definitive parts like the waist and leg.

With this full-body harness, rock climbers, especially the new rock climbers will feel more at ease since it supports both the legs and the center of gravity or your body. This makes balancing while climbing up or down a lot less risky and a lot easier.

So, no more uneasy feeling about rock climbing with the harnesses. Get these adjustable full-body harnesses now and conquer your fear of heights.

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Rappelling Shoulder Safety Belt For Outdoor Adventure

If you’re a complete newbie to rock climbing and the use of harnesses, then none of the above two harnesses would meet your specific needs. In fact, you need something that is less risky and gives you a sense of complete safety. And these rappelling shoulder safety belts are the perfect products for this job.

Made of nylon, PVC, and metal, these shoulder safety belts are extremely durable and incredibly tear-resistant thanks to their enforced fiber. Moreover, this harness comes with a free size which means you can adjust the right measurement of this shoulder belt according to your liking.

This way, you will feel safer while you train and gain real experience at a quicker pace.

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