Meditation 101: Beginner's Guide To Meditation

All You Need To Know About The Mantra Meditation


In our day to day life, full of the hustle and bustle, spending a few moments alone in peace sounds like bliss. Through meditation, we achieve the much-needed inner peace required to maintain our calm and composure. Meditation helps to achieve the state of mind, where we can control our emotions and balance of mind. Among the various kinds of meditation that have been evolving, mantra meditation is a popular one. It is becoming even more popular lately, considering its wide range of benefits. The basic concept of this kind of meditation lies in the two components – chanting mantras and meditation. Mantras are nothing but powerful words or phrases. Uttering these mantras makes you feel energetic. The mantras are not fixed, and the method of meditation may also vary from person to person.

All You Need to Know About The Mantra Meditation

How To Do Mantra Meditation

First of all, you need to clear your mind and ask yourself why you are doing it. Your goal should be clear to you. Everyone has a different reason and different goals. Let your intentions be defined to you. The reasons can be attaining mental peace, stress relief, control of heart rate and blood pressure, letting go of worldly attachments, controlling emotions, etc. The next thing to figure out is the mantra, which you will be chanting. 

Chanting the mantra will help you feel its deep yet subtle meaning and power. When you repeat the mantra while meditating, you detach yourself from the worldly stresses and tension. You achieve a state of peace and calmness. You can choose from a variety of mantras. It can be as simple as the word “Om”, or “Om Namah Shivaya”.

Intentions You May Have

Your intentions should be clear as you begin the meditation. Join your hands in a prayer position and close your eyes. Also, it is equally important to finding a place that is free of noise and distractions. It is advisable to put your phone on silent mode before you begin meditating. You can do it at home or outside. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably an asana/padmasana. You can also use prayer beads if it helps you focus better. You can join your hands in the beginning and later, place them on your thighs. While you meditate, breathe in and breathe out slowly. 

All You Need to Know About The Mantra Meditation

Focus on breathing, as this will help you relax even better. Chant the mantra you have chosen as many times as you like. As you chant, you will realize you are losing yourself into the flow. It is a very peaceful state, and remember time flies by very soon. It would help if you continued the meditation for as long as you can.


Being able to focus during mantra meditation is an art in itself. It may not be very easy in the beginning but becomes more comfortable with practice. If you can incorporate this meditation in your daily routine, even for 5-10 minutes a day, you will achieve a stress-free feeling and overall good health.

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