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12 Bike Repair Hacks Every Cyclist Must Know

Bike cycle repair is essential when you go out to ride at regular intervals. As an enthusiast, your legs are not the only tool required to keep the machine going. It needs lube, routine maintenance, and attention. Here are 12 bike repair hacks that every cyclist needs to know:

Drivetrain should be clean and lubricated:

The no-one hack on the list is maintaining a drive train that lets you ride smoothly because it’s not easy riding with loud chain noises. If we don’t lubricate it, the metal starts to rubs against the metal mixed with mud. Therefore, once they break, it costs a whole lot more, so be smart by cleaning and lubricating the drive train regularly.

12 Bike Repair Hacks Every Cyclist Must Know
bike repair

Check tire pressure:

If your tires don’t have enough air, it takes a lot more energy to ride with the added risk of injury. Also, Check the tire pressure with the pressure gauge from both sides regularly.

Apply laundry detergent on your hands:

Repairing bikes can get a bit messy, especially with all the grease and dirt, so a sure way to avoid that is by applying laundry detergent on your hands before digging in. It will ensure no prints etc. are left on the skin.

Save the valve cap: bike repair

Fresh tires come with new inner tubes, and most people tend to throw them away. But they can act as a repair tool in times of need. Also, It can be used as a Schrader valve converter until you go to a shop for repair.

Firm nuts and bolts:

Nuts and bolts can get loose with constant riding and make a lot of noise. Take tools that create a profitable torque white tightening nuts but don’t overdo them.

Adjust your brakes:

Some riders like to over speed, and adjusting brakes is essential. The adjusting barrel should be tightened in the arm end. Also, keep the brake pads and surface clean.

Fix the flat tube:

Bikers should know how to fix a flat tire always because there may not be a shop around every time. Therefore, there are many videos and internet sources to look into.

Furniture polish: bike repair

This is an easy one that provides a new shiny look for your bike frame. It is cheaper than bike products, and dirt doesn’t stick to the frame either. It guarantees a win-win situation.

Money replacement:

Flat tires are a bummer and not to mention often frustrating. Now here is an exciting solution as money bills make excellent temporary tire patches.

Toothbrush cleaners: bike repair

Tight on money? Well, tie two toothbrushes at the end with likewise little space between the brushes and wola; you have a handy tool to clean your chain with. The small threads get in between the chain and moreover take all the dirt out.

12 Bike Repair Hacks Every Cyclist Must Know
Toothbrush cleaners: bike repair

Cut bars with stanchion protectors:

One can use old worn-down bar grips as stanchion protectors while riding. Also, they help to clean stanchions easily with ease.

Essential tools: bike repair

Last but not the least, you need three tools to keep you prepared for every kind of situation. These include a pump, a patch kit and multi tool with a chain breaker.

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