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5 Different Bike Style For Every Type of Riders

Biking is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of transportation. They are also a fun and healthy way of exercising, staying active. But the endless categories of cycles available in the market seem to be quite confusing to beginners. Here is a simple guide describing different types of bike style to help you find the most suitable one.

bike style

Mountain Bike Style

These bikes are perfect for riding on rocky and steep terrains. They have some unique features like fat tires, flat handlebars, powerful brakes, and moreover wheel suspension. Their low gears are useful for climbing mountain slopes. Most importantly, their broad and fat provide traction and shock absorption. Some bikes have rear suspension, which improves comfort and provides cushioning from jumps as well. These unique specifications make them a perfect partner for mountain adventures.

Road Racing Bike

Their design is optimized to give smooth and efficient gliding on the roads and pavements. Their thin tires, usually about 25 mm full, cuts down the effort required to drive them. The sleek and thin frame makes them lightweight for maximum speed. Their design is focused on attaining maximum speed than comfort. That is why they have a higher gear ratio. Additionally, they have high pressure and thin tires which transmit road vibration rider. Undoubtedly this makes them ideal for smooth roads but fallible for riding on rough and bumpy rods

Aero Bike Style

They are often used for racing competitions and riding tours. They are a combination of a Time Trial and road bike. Their features somewhat match the former, but their frame is similar to the later. They are design for gliding on long roads with faster speeds. They have enhanced aerodynamic structure to likewise better tackle the high rates in bike racing. As air resistance makes up the ¾ of drag encountered by the cyclist, aero bikes help to reduce this air resistance. They might be useful for racing, but they lack the comfort and are heavyweight.

Hybrid Bike Style

As the name suggests, they are a derivative of mountain and road bikes. These bikes have flat handles, disk brakes, and furthermore upright seating, just like a mountain bike. This helps riders to maintain a comfortable posture while riding and support for bumpy tracks. On the other hand, they have thin tires, a lightweight frame, and large wheels to give extra speed and less exertion. They are suitable for riding on roads and more natural off-road trails. 

Hybrid Bike Style

Folding Bike

If you live in a metropolitan and own minimal living space, then you need a folding bike. They can be fold into a compact size to fit into small corners. They are convenient if you also want to make cycling a part of your daily commute. Because of the folding feature, they can even be stored in bus stands and metro stations. They have a superior design and come with an upright frame. There have two types; fixed gear and therefore geared folding bikes. They both have different properties and serves different purposes. But they lack the comfort of road bikes because of their folding design. They are typically made of steel and aluminum frames.

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