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Top 5 Cardio Machine That Burns The Most Calories

Whenever we hear the word cardio, our consciousness automatically takes us to the word ‘heart.’ In reality, it plays a huge role in strengthening our respiratory and core body parts. Nowadays, cardio has become a massive part of almost all significant fitness routines and for good measure. Here are 5 cardio machine that will take care of you and your needs.

Top 5 Cardio Machine That Burns The Most Calories
cardio machine

Rowing Machine: cardio machine

Rowing lets you build up the muscular fitness that we all dream about. The rowing machine engages your upper body to the maximum capacity as it moves back and forth. Working on the machine indoors regularly enables you to tone your muscles, burn fat, and therefore increases stamina. The average calories burned in an hour on the machine can be up to 600 calories. As you grip and pull your legs, exert pressure on the handles, which results in the strengthening of leg muscles as well.


This air bike will surely test your limits. It’s challenging and requires a lot of energy. The bike is also known as the devil’s bike, for it makes you sweat and pump up the heat quickly. Therefore, the favorable part here is that it has a low impact on the joints making individuals less prone to injuries even at high speed. While you paddle, the whole body is connected in a flow from your core to leg muscles that help to burn more calories. Its recommended to keep it light during the first 5 minutes and then paddle for 20 minutes.

Treadmill: cardio machine

We all know and have seen a treadmill at homes and every gym. The reason it’s so popular is because it is super versatile. However, it is recommended that one should use shock absorbers that eliminate the potential threat of joint and likewise muscle pressure. Start with a simple warm-up that includes mild jogging and slowly increase the intensity before pressing the incline button. Thirty minutes of jogging is enough to get you rolling for the day. You can also do one minute of sprinting and then one minute of jogging. This changes the pace with weight loss as well.

Indoor Cycling Bike:

If you’re looking to increase your endurance level with a perfect low impact exercise, go for an indoor cycling bike. It can also help you built up resistance and endurance for long runs like marathons that need superior stamina. It is recommended to keep a medium pace for the first 10-30 minutes. Then start with four sets of 8 minutes faster climbs that test your resistance. The bike also allows plenty of space and balance, so there is no risk of injuries.

Top 5 Cardio Machine That Burns The Most Calories
Indoor Cycling Bike

Spin Bike: cardio machine

This one is an energy booster as it lets you pump up the real heat fast. It will test your lower body and moreover improve the strength of glutes, hamstring, and quads. Always, however, make sure to start with a warm up to get your blood and muscles flowing. For intermediate to an advanced cyclist, it is recommended to do an intense workout furthermore for maximum benefit. The bike is a mega calorie burning machine that will keep you in shape.

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