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The 10 Events That Make Up A Decathlon Running

The phrase the world’s greatest athlete comes to life during decathlon running every year. There are ten events that makeup decathlon, which spans out for two days. These high-intensity events include long jumps, 100-meter runs, sprints, and likewise, 400-meter run. Each event has individual scores, and the end result declares a winner.

The 10 Events That Make Up A Decathlon Running
decathlon running

100 meters: decathlon running

This sprint race is meant to test an athlete’s ability and endurance. It is usually the first event of day 1 and one of the most prestigious runs which have been conducted since 1896. The fastest man and women have often been decided through the 100 meter race.

Long jump:

The long jump is a unique thrill filled event where likewise athletes jump from a starting point as far as possible in one flow. This requires strength, fitness, and skill to conquer the jumps. These modern jumps have been a part of the Olympics since 1896. Each athlete has 3 jumps, and the best 9-9 jumpers are awarded an additional 3 jumps for a final round.

Shot put: decathlon running

This is a high-intensity event where one also throws a heavy spherical ball into a targeted space. The sport has been an audience favorite in the Olympics since 1896. Once an athlete enters the circle, they have 30 seconds to throw the ball.

High jump:

In a high jump, athletes are supposed to likewise jump over a horizontal bar placed at a specific height. Nowadays, players run towards the bar and flop upside down and come under the vertical clearance events since 1928.

400 meter: decathlon running

The race has individual lanes for each athlete, and moreover runners start in designated blocks with a dynamic pose. The competition requires superior sprinting ability combined with speed and furthermore skill. Wayde van Niekerk from South Africa holds the current world record for the run.

110 meter hurdles:

The 110 meter hurdle race consists of ten hurdles of 1.067 meters that the athletes have to conquer. Mistakes like knocking over hurdles don’t have penalties but do cause them to slow down. The fastest record to date is of 13 seconds.

Disc throw: decathlon running

Athletes throw the heavy disc as far as possible during disc throw. The ancient sport was played by Greeks moreover dating back to 708 BC. The size and also weight of the disc depending on the players themselves.

Pole vaulting:

Here the athletes use poles to jump up into the air and leap over obstacles. Pole vaulting has been a part of Olympics history since 1986 and was always played by ancient Greeks.  Some values needed are strength, speed, and skill.

The 10 Events That Make Up A Decathlon Running
Javelin throw: decathlon running

Javelin throw: decathlon running

Athletes through a 2.5-meter-long spear into the air and have uniquely been a part of the Olympics since 708 BC. Distance and target throwing are also two significant factors required to play.

1500 meter:

This middle-distance track is therefore meant to test athletes at the end of the two-day event. The distance covered by the tack is around 1.5 km and been a part of the Olympics since 1986.

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