Best Surfers Ever

Five Best Surfers Ever To Create World Records

Why is surfing so much Popular? Who are the best surfers that created world records?

Surfing is a water sport where the surfer rides the waves with the help of the skateboard. People around the globe love surfing because it gives a very adventurous as well as thrilling experience. Therefore, this makes it a very popular and addictive water sport.

Previously people used to do surfing for fun, but from the last few years, it has become a serious professional sport. There are believed to be over 20 million surfers in the world.

Making as well as breaking world records is a fascinating way to become a celebrity and get popular. Likewise, there have been many surfers who have created world records with their amazing surfing skills and became one of the best surfers ever.

Although many renowned surfers around the world have gained name and fame, here are the best five surfers who created world records with unmatched surfing skills.

Five Best Surfers Ever To Create World Records Are:

  • Josh Enslin- This great surfer from South Africa made a world record by surfing for the longest time. He surfed on the waves for the longest session amazing for 30 hours as well as 11 minutes in port Elizabeth’s pollock beach. During this period, he rode 455 waves.
  • Josh rode with his surfing board, which was 9 feet long in the water, which was almost cold. He was brave enough to surf in the water infested with deadly sharks.
  • Rodrigo Koxa- Beating the record of Garrett McNamara, he made a world record by riding the largest wave ever at the famous surfing spot of Nazare. He surfed on the largest wave, which was over 80 feet high.
  • Maya Gabeira- She was one of the best female surfers from Brazile who created a world record by surfing; a dangerous 20.7-meter high wave. At the famous Nazare beach. She made her name in the Guinness book of world records in January 2018 as the largest wave surfed by a female surfer.
  • Rimas Kinka- Was another great surfer from Lithuania who created a world record for the longest kite surfing by any surfer. In February, he surfed for a record-breaking distance of 645 KM from the coast of Islamorada. He became one of the best surfers ever to create world records.
  • Kurtis Loftus- Created a world record in the longest surfing marathon in October 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. He surfed with great skills continuously for over 29 hours as well as made this impressive award of all time.
best surfers ever to create world records.
best surfers ever to create world records.


Surfing sport is a fascinating sport which has now become very popular around the world. This sport has given the world surfing best surfers ever.

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