Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

Are you looking for ways to completely transform your body physique? Are you confused about whether you need weights for more effective results? Weights are important for bodybuilding or working out, but most believe that they cant do bodybuilding at home. It is completely a myth. To keep your body fit and healthy with a compelling physique, all you need is a floor.

Floor workouts are more than effective in helping you complete body transformation without the need for weights, machines, and other gym equipment.

Here is a list of the most effective floor workouts that anyone can perform inside their home, triggering every muscle in the body only with the help of your body weight.

Tuck Jump Floor Workouts

To perform this full-body exercise, stand with your knees slightly bent. Now jump as high as possible, pull your knees to your chest, and extend your arms in the air. Then land on the floor with the knees bent as before. Now continue with the jump for about ten reps per set without any break in between.

Bodyweight Squat

Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

It is an essential exercise to be added to your floor workout routine. Squats work out your legs and glutes, which are considered the most important muscle in a human body for any kind of motion.

Bodyweight squat requires one to stand with legs shoulder-width apart. When you lower your body, push out your butts instead of applying forward pressure on your knees. And when lifting your butts, use your hips and thigh muscles. Incorrect posture might hurt your knees.

Mountain Climbing Floor Workouts

Lie on the floor and take the push-up position. Now pull forward your left knee and rest it right below your chest. Now with your other leg straightened and hands firmly in position, jump and quickly switch legs. Fold in your right knee under your chest while your left leg rests extended. It is an effective floor exercise for the stomach, core, knees, thighs, and glutes.

Push-ups (Plyometric)

Traditional push-ups are undoubtedly effective, but for a complete body transformation, you need innovation. The Plyometric push-ups are surely what you must be after. Take the push-up, once the body is lowered push up for an explosive push-up. Lift your body off the ground, stretch out a hand in the air, and then return to the push-up stance. Then get ready for the next rep!


Yet another complete body exercise which is very effective and builds endurance. To begin with, take the low squat position with your hands placed on the floor. Now, begin by kicking your legs back and taking the push-up position. Complete a push-up and return to the low squat position. Immediately jump as high as possible and finally return to the original stance. This completes a single rep.

Planks Floor Workouts

Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

Floor Workouts For A Total Body Transformation

Planks are an essential part of the floor workouts routine as they strengthen your core muscles, legs, arms, and shoulders. You just need to hold to the plank position for as long as you can. You must rest on your forearm with taking the plank position to prevent hurting your wrists. It helps tone your abs and helps strengthen your abdominal, lower back muscles, and complete upper body.


Thus, research and studies prove that resistance exercises respond to muscle growth faster and improve the body’s balance, strength, and flexibility.


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