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10 Gym Exercises Especially For Climbers

Confidence, athletic ability, and strength, are just some of the qualities climbers need. Climbing requires you to move muscles from head to toes, moreover which is why one needs to train. Here we have 10 gym exercises ideal for climbers. Focus on working those muscles so you can lift yourself up like a pro.

Leg lifts: gym exercises

While climbing, one needs to lift their legs to move, which is evident, but it requires practice. Start with these simple yet effective legs lift to likewise build muscle strength. Stand straight and hold on to the pull bar as you lift yourself up. Start by raising your legs as they, therefore, become perpendicular to your torso. Move up and down in rounds of 10 lifts.

gym exercises


This is a frequent exercise that is seen everywhere. That’s because it is super beneficial and propels every muscle in your body to move. Also, some of the areas it affects are core, muscle, and also abdominal muscles. Remember to keep your elbows tucked in as you lower yourself on the ground.

Triceps dip:

This is an easy exercise that can be a bit tricky at times. Start by lowering down and furthermore take the weight of your body on your arms. Start by bending your elbows and lowering yourself and then pushing yourself upwards.

Military press: gym exercises

Start by standing with an appropriate distance between your feet. Raise your arms and likewise start bending your elbows with palms in the forward direction. Feel your arms contract and relax.

Dumbbells press:

Lie down on the floor and furthermore take a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees and moreover start pulling your arms up and down. Your elbows will bend as you bring your arms down.

Goblet squat: gym exercises

Stand with some distance between your feet. Grab and kettle with both hands and start lowering your hips into a squat. As you squat, apply pressure on your heels and feel the burn.

Lateral pulldown:

This one requires a machine. Sit down on the cable machine and also grab its handle firmly with both hands. Lean back on the chair and maintain a straight profile. Start applying pressure and pulling the cable towards your chest. Once done, release the cable and then repeat it.

Leg lower: gym exercises

Do the exercise for 60 seconds in one round and lie on the floor. Place your hands by your sides and start pulling one leg up. Keep the leg up for 10 seconds and bring it down. Also, repeat this with the other leg.

Leg lower: gym exercises

Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Lie down on a bench as you carry dumbbells. Start raising your dumbbells upwards, but make sure to keep your shoulders in line. When you lower them, your elbows should be parallel to your face. Do 30-40 reps in a round.

Plank pulls: gym exercises

Lie down in a plank position and stretch a bit. Start lifting your arms and legs simultaneously. Keep your elbows in line with your waists, and try not to apply pressure on your back as you do so. Do 15-20 reps in one go for maximum benefit.

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