Heart Chakra Meditation - Feel Loved From Within!

Heart Chakra Meditation – Feel Loved From Within!


Have you heard about the Heart Chakra meditation? The fourth chakra, also known as Anahata Chakra, is situated in the heart region and associated with air. However, if you are already working with the other six chakras present in your body, you can integrate all the elements to support the Heart Chakra.

Earth is linked with the first chakra and it is grounded and sturdy; The second chakra is linked with water that ensures fertile creativity. The third chakra is associated with fire, which is vital to transform the ground of creativity into actions. However, the air is integrating and disposing of spiritual understanding of compassion, love, and connection. Air is inside us and all around, just like love.

Heart Chakra Meditation - Feel Loved From Within!

The Heart chakra is associated with compassion and unconditional love. Furthermore, it is the real source of profound and deep truths, which are not possible to express in the form of words. Moreover, the Anahata chakra serves as a bridge between the upper chakras and lower chakras, which integrate the manifestation with the spiritual.

Nevertheless, the Heart chakra affects the lungs, heart, arms, chest, and hands directly. Hence, when this chakra gets misaligned, it leads to low or high blood pressure, poor circulation of blood, and other lung and heart disorders.

What Are The Mental Signs Of Misaligned Heart Energy?

When your Heart Chakra imbalances, it can lead to mental issues like manipulating behavior, codependence, feeling of being useless, and unable to trust yourself as well as others.

Heart Chakra Meditation

You can unblock the Heart Chakra with the Bija mantra, which you can utter while doing meditation. Furthermore, YAM, the mantra for unblocking your Anahata chakra; pronunciation is YUM.

While doing the Heart Chakra meditation, you need to sit with your legs crossed, and the index fingertips should touch the thumbs. Now, put the left hand on the left knee as well as the right hand on the heart region.

Now, focus on your heart chakra at the heart level and start chanting the YAM mantra.

However, you can do this for 10 minutes or utter the mantra 108 times. You will feel the awakening sensation of the Heart Chakra.

There are particular gemstones and Rudraksha to awaken your Heart Chakra. Moreover, these elements have the required vibration and frequency as well as color to balance this chakra. Moreover, emotional and physical symptoms will start disappearing once the chakra starts balancing itself.

Heart Chakra Meditation - Feel Loved From Within!

What Are The Reasons For Heart Chakra Blockage?

  • Grief
  • Seeking attention
  • Expectations
  • Creating walls around yourself
  • Fear of past experiences of betrayal, abandoned or abused
  • The feelings of harmony, love, and completeness from outside sources and not from within

What Are The Emotional Effects Of Anahata?

Chakra Blockage?

  • Possessiveness
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Unable to see an abusive relation
  • Unforgiving attitude
  • Depression
  • Loneliness

Facts – Anahata Chakra Meditation

  • Do not focus on any other chakra except for your Anahata chakra.
  • Sit in a calm and composed environment.
  • The best time for meditation is early morning at 4:00 a.m.
  • Watch videos for heart chakra meditation to learn the actual process.
  • Talk with a spiritual guru to know more about the Anahata chakra meditation.

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