How To Do A 6 Phase Meditation

How To Do A 6 Phase Meditation

Have you been hearing a lot about the 6 phase meditation and how it has tremendously helped many people in their lives? Do you need help understanding and practicing the 6 phase meditation? Then hang on with us as we explain to you what this is and how to go about it.

Firstly, the 6 Phase Meditation, which is rapidly gaining popularity, is a 21-minute guided contemplation that assists you with sorting out and addressing probably the most common problems that need to be addressed. It is not a particularly strict or social-based reflection. It is a wholesome practice that supports the most engaged person to adhere completely to the new contemplation.

Past the entirety of the advantages settled upon by science with regards to this practice of the 6 phase meditation, this specific reflection is equipped to have you ponder things throughout your life. With the best possible measure, there are a lot of benefits of the 6 phase meditation, and this practice can transform you, perhaps since the very first time you attempt it.

Here are the meditation steps and how you can go about each of them.


Phase 1 – Love And Compassion Of 6 Phase Meditation

In this phase, you learn how to connect with your fellow humans, especially those within your friends and family. A lot of us cannot seem to extend the love and compassion even to the closest people to us, and this phase teaches one to do exactly that.

Phase 2 – Gratitude

This phase focuses on helping the individual feel grateful for three things in his personal life, three things in business life, and three things to be grateful for within oneself. We often forget to take a moment and be thankful but instead continue cribbing, which makes us pessimistic in life.

Phase 3 – Forgiveness Of 6 Phase Meditation

Each of us needs to possess this attribute for a healthier living for ourselves. Harboring grudges and anger leads us nowhere. This phase deals with forgiving and letting go and has the most potential for change.

Phase 4 – Future Dreaming Of 6 Phase Meditation

It is often the best to dream about the future and keep a chalked out plan ready. This does not mean that you have to achieve them by hook or crook, but being acquainted with your dreams and plans help you do much better in life. It helps you identify as well as differentiate your needs from your wants.

Phase 5 – Perfect Day

The 5th phase helps you realize what a perfect day can be, and it is nothing other than the present-day itself. This way, you forget to dwell on your past or to worry too much about the future. Living and working for the present day keeps you away from all regrets or anxieties and thus; helps you stay stress-free.

Phase 6 – The Blessing Of 6 Phase Meditation

You’ve done your due by sending the world love as well as sympathy. You’ve inspected your life and given appreciation where it has a place. This practically carries out all the 5 phases, and it is now time to connect with your divinity. It is the conclusive phase.



This holistic meditation plan helps you cover all areas and problems of life and deal with them one by one. It surely has proven to be effective for most people, and you, too, can benefit from it greatly.


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