How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

Are you a regular swimmer? How did you feel during the first winter swimming? Swimming is one of the best exercises to help you lose weight, get proper posture, and many more benefits. But, swimming can have some disadvantages when the winter season hits. One should always do proper preparation to not fall sick after their first winter swimming.

Sometimes the winter storms can get out of control, and the waves can be dangerous, so it is recommended to check the area and be prepared for the sudden changes in the water during the winter season. Alas, winter swimming health benefits are uncountable.

Here Are A Few Tips For Winter Swimming

How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

1) Don’t Stay For Long

If you don’t swim regularly, then the first winter swimming might shock your body like electrical waves, but give your body the time to acclimatize. Also, do not stay in for too long as it may affect your health badly. If the water temperature is below ten degrees, don’t stay there for more than 10 minutes, and if you want to stay longer, then buy a wet winter suit for extra protection.

2. Layer Up

It is very important to be layered up, now this doesn’t mean to be overweight, but the heat protectives must be useful. For instance, people prefer to wear soft thermal leggings and full sleeves thermal tops with a waterproof coat. The additional layer will help to keep you warm and safe.

3. Think Hands And Feet For Winter Swimming

There is no debate that the most winter blisters or frostbites are faced on hands and feet as they are the most exposed part of the body. During winters try to wear neoprene gloves that will protect hands from the extremities of cold. And after swimming, wear thick gloves and socks as they will provide better heat and warmth.

4. Get Dry And Dressed From Top To Bottom

Don’t rush while getting dry, and it is essential that you dry quickly but don’t wear clothes on a wet body. Prefer to cover the upper body fast as they catch a cold quickly. You can leave socks and gloves for last.

5. You Can Leave Your Hat On While Winter Swimming

While swimming you must be wearing the swimming hat so, after swimming replace that with a warm woolly hat

6. Warm-Up From The Inside Out

You know it is easy to heat your body from inside out. For instance, dry drinking hot chocolate or coffee or whatever warm drink you prefer. It will raise the body temperature quickly and will make you feel warm instantly too.

7. Keep Your Clothes Dry

How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

How To Survive Your First Winter Swimming

Many places it rains during winter, so make sure that when you come back from the thrilling experience of swimming, your clothes are dry. Wearing wet clothes can make you fall sick quickly, so one must be very careful about the clothes and towel. People prefer to use the reusable bin to keep the clothes and other things dry.

Prefer winter swimming pool cover that will be safer than the sea.


Therefore, this article will give you the proper knowledge regarding the benefits of swimming, one who wants to stay fit and healthy must try swimming.



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