Is This The Finest Pulled Hamstring Treatment?

Is This The Finest Pulled Hamstring Treatment?

Having you ever experienced a strain in the hamstring while cycling or performing at the gym? The most common sports injury out of all is a hamstring strain or pulled hamstring. Athletes in sports like athletics and football more often experience stress, and that’s vulnerable. Unfortunately, it’s both painful and frequent. The muscles get overloaded, and it’s tearing, and wearing has started. It can’t be suddenly stopped. Instead, pulled hamstring treatment is possible. Keep reading to tackle the medical problem and get back to cycling or at the gym again.

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What Exactly Pulled Hamstring Treatment Is?

In the posterior thigh part, muscles are called hamstrings. In other words, the hamstring is a collective term used for three muscle groups, namely, semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. When some of the muscle fibers are torn out, strain starts evolving. It’s also known as rupture. It contains three muscle groups at the back of your thigh. Depending on the type of tension, the level of severity and variety might differ. It generally occurs during activities that need jumping, sudden stopping, starting, or a lot of running. It’s most likely to happen when you don’t warm up properly or have weak glutes. Hamstrings and glutes work together, so if the glutes are weak, the hamstring becomes strained.

Pulled Hamstring Treatment Symptoms

The pulled hamstring symptoms greatly depend on the severity of the hamstring injury. The strain is how much damage is caused to your tendon fibers and muscles. So, depending on the strain grades are defined-

  • When the tissues are stretched however not torn, then it’s a grade one strain
  • When there is an unequal tear of tendon fibers and muscles, it’s a grade two strain
  • In case the situation falls beyond the above two conditions, and there is a complete rupture or tear of tendon or muscle, it’s called a grade three strain.

Moreover, the situation worsens depending on the severity of the hamstring. When you experience it, you see an inflammation surrounds the site. Thus, other symptoms are including swelling, pain, and tenderness. Upon injury, blood will be oozed down due to gravity.

Is This The Finest Pulled Hamstring Treatment?

Is This The Finest Pulled Hamstring Treatment?

Risk Factor

If you have any previous hamstring injury, it doubles the risk factor. The risk factor increases by five to ten times. Thus, the muscle strength reduces, mobility decreases, and thigh muscle strength gets reduced. Potentially, it will carry higher risk and can conflict the walking. Upon research, the pulled hamstring treatment brings into play.

Hamstring Treatment

Minor to moderate strain can heal following the steps below

Rest The Leg

Avoid putting more weight on your leg. If you see the pain worsen, you will require crutches. Ask your physical therapist or doctor if the situation worsens.

Ice Your Leg

Icing will reduce swelling and pain. Try to do it for around 20-30 minutes for 2-3 days.

Compress Your Leg

You can try using an elastic bandage. Wrap it around your leg where there is swelling.

Pulled Hamstring Treatment- Elevate Your Leg

Keep a pillow under your leg while lying down or sitting.

Or else, try taking anti-inflammatory painkillers like naproxen, ibuprofen, or NSAID’s under the supervision of an expert.

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