knee arthritis and running

Knee Arthritis And Running: Can It Be Done?

Arthritis is found in people of all ages, but the chances increase more after the 40s. We move with the help of our joints and bones. These joints get attach to each other with a cartridge to avoid friction while running. With age or because of an accident, this cartridge could get damage. This can cause a lot of pain, even while walking. So, one needs to restrict the activities like cardio, aerobics, knee arthritis and running

Arthritis is an excruciating disease, and therefore it becomes worse with age. Mostly its treatment is based on Exercises, Physical therapies, and sometimes drugs. Also, is certain critical conditions, knee implantation is done to relieve the patient.

Knee arthritis and running:

There is no prove through any research that running can, therefore, cause arthritis. Moreover running with this critical situation can or cannot produce harm depending on intensity. We can check for our limits in several ways, including:

Medical Condition and knee arthritis and running :

Some common symptoms of arthritis include swelling, pain, and cracking sound while walking. But one needs to get a proper medical checkup, including X-rays and MRIs, to find out the intensity of harm. The degree of mobility will be based on the result of these test reports. Some patients can continue hard exercises, even running. While others need to follow strict rules and be careful even on a regular walk.

Fix Targets for running in arthritis:

Pain is sometimes our best friend as it helps in guiding us about being in the wrong situation. If the physician provides a go-ahead to the patient, then he must continue running. Yet feeling pain, one must set targets a little lower than the painful one. Or step back and get a consult from the doctor. Also, one should raise his running pace gradually instead of starting with intense running in such conditions.

Surgeries and running in arthritis:

In some severe cases, patients have to go through an operation to replace the knee. Although the healing process takes time, yet the patient can start normal activities starting from slow walking and building up stamina to likewise run at a slower pace.

Weight :

The significant impact of running on knees is due to the bodyweight we owe. Arthritis further complicates the issue; the more the weight, the harder it is to run with defected bones. Arthritis patients are typically asked to reduce weight, and if they need to continue running, it’s a must. Moreover, obesity also increases the chances of arthritis with age.

The right way of running in arthritis:

Our running postures decide the strain on our bone, which likewise is a matter of greater concern in knee arthritis. Running in any wrong way will put more stress on the knees raising the intensity of arthritis.

Despite the disease, a lot of people are running correctly, even in elderly ages. What matters is that we must choose the proper running style and should stop before it puts a strain on the affected area. Also, regular medical guidance can help us in the longer run.

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