Will The NBA Resume Playing After Quarantine

Lakers Are Unstoppable


There was a heavy debate on who is going to own Los Angeles. Even though Anthony Davis is from Pelicans, there was still an unsettling doubt due to the other team that was emerging in the LA. Yes, I am talking about the Clippers. Clippers are an unbelievable team. The trade of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard is surely the trade of the decade if not as the trade of the century. Even with growing criticism, the Lakers started the season. They lost the first match to the Clippers. But, that is not all. They have redeemed themselves from the loss in the first match. They have only lost two games ever since. All the credit belongs to the team and the management. Yes, they held themselves high and are now in a position of power in the league. They are top on the list. The only other team that is closer to them is the Milwaukee Bucks who are at the top of the Eastern Conference.

Anthony Davis Effect

Anthony Davis has been a force to reckon with. He has been part of the league for a long time. He has played an important part in his time with the Pelicans. But he has not been as effective as he is now. His presence is duly noted. Anthony Davis is crazy in the paint. The 7-foot giant is unstoppable. However, he has also been more effective outside the paint as well. Yes, his jump shots are good. He has improved his three-point shooting. Be it contested or not contested.

Lebron James Defence

Lebron James has recognized that he must improve his defense to give Lakers the edge in winning games. He has done exactly that. He has been blocking shots and chasing down opponents. The first game block of Shamet is something that we cannot forget. Not just with the defense but the offense has also been equally impressive. Lebron James has shown us why he is still in the GOAT debate with Kobe and Jordan.

Rondo and Kuzma

Rajan Rondo is a veteran player. That is really an understatement. Rondo is good with his court vision. He has played a lot of games with the lakers. However, he has been one of the best guards due to his term with the Celtics. He is doing the same with the lakers. Rondo and Kuzma have been the core part of the team. Kuzma is right now coming off the bench and also as a starter. He has been more effective as a wing shooter. His three-point shots are on the mark each time he shoots. But Lebron has to trust and pass him more than ever to get him on the team with others like KCP. so, watch out.

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