Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

Do you wish to begin with the habit of meditation? Are you unsure of where to start? It is very normal to seek knowledge from experts when you are unsure of anything, even when it is about meditation. Meditation may sound and look simple to everyone, but the practice may not be effective if you do not know how to meditate and not practice it regularly. Hence it is sensible to be guided by someone with years of experience.

We know how difficult it is to regularly keep up with good practice. You may be at discomfort in the beginning or may find it boring, but with persistence, dedication, and patience, one will begin to feel the positive changes that start to occur. And this is why we present this article to help our readers learn to meditate and provide them with useful tips to help them keep up with the practice.

Fix A Convenient Hour

Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

The main purpose of meditation is to help us calm our minds and body. And for this to effectively work, one must begin with deciding an hour in the entire ideal for meditation. When there is no one disturb, no work to attend and all the time for yourself. The ideal hours to practice meditation is during sunrise and sunset. Rest, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the selection of a suitable hour.

Learn To Meditate In A Perfect Place

Now that you have decided when it is time to decide where. To learn to meditate, you must find yourself a relaxing spot; in your backyard, balcony, parks. Anywhere quiet and without disturbance would be great. And as a beginner disturbance-free zone is a crucial factor in helping focus.

Learn To Meditate In Correct Posture

For an individual to experience all the benefits of meditation, you must maintain the correct posture. It does not mean you have to sit at discomfort. Keep your spine erect, neck and shoulders relaxed and knees folded as we sit for yoga. And don’t forget to keep your eye shut the entire duration. And one more point, there is no compulsory rule to sit in Lotus (Padmasana) position for meditation.

Don’t Be Too Full Or Too Empty

What we mean by this is, to learn to meditate, you must keep your stomach relatively empty. This is because meditation after a meal can make you fall asleep, whereas if you are on an empty stomach, all you will be thinking about is food. So, according to experts, it is recommended to practice meditation at least 2 hours after a meal, and for early morning sessions, you may eat fruits before meditation to prevent hunger cramps.

Begin With A Few Deep Breaths

Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

Learn To Meditate With These Helpful Beginner Tips

There exist various forms or types of meditation, but before starting with any form, it is always advised to begin with deep breathing. It is because it helps steady your mind, relaxes your soul, and gives rhythm to your breathing. It ultimately helps you gain focus during meditation.


Thus, this is just a start, and there is a much longer way to go. Let it come into you slowly; do not rush it. Start with two or five minutes only and slowly try to increase the duration. There will come a time when you won’t be able to make it through the day without your daily dose of meditation.


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