Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps

Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps

Are you aware of the basics of swimming? If yes, then what does one mean by treading on water? It is the most basic survival skill of swimming, allowing an individual to stay afloat by moving their limbs. This is important to learn to tread water even before you learn to swim. It helps to overcome the fear of staying underwater.

The skill of treading water is commonly used in water sports like water polo. You don’t need to be a great swimmer to tread on the water effectively; it needs ongoing practice. It will help build your stamina to tread for extended periods and also strengthen your inner body strength.

This article will guide you towards the ten easy steps that one can employ to learn to tread water effortlessly.

Learn To Tend In Water Steps

Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps
Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps

Step 1

Make sure to move all the four limbs of your body. When the body is upright, keep moving your legs and arms to stay afloat. While in a horizontal position, once you kick and paddle your legs, you start to swim. Whatever the depth, moving your limbs will help you stay above water.

Step 2

You are to keep your head straight above water and try to breathe normally. As you begin to breathe slowly, your mind tends to calm down, which saves energy and helps you tread water for a longer duration.

Step 3

While you paddle your legs and fee, you are required to move your arms horizontally, front and back. Make sure that the palm faces in the direction your hands are moving. It will help you pull your body up and help you learn to tread water.

Learn To Tread WaterStep 4

You can move your legs in a circular direction (just in the case of cycling), or kick your legs back and forth. The latter consumes more energy as you have to point your feet downwards and keep kicking in constant motion. While the former requires you to keep your legs stiff and normally cycle your way to the top.

Step 5

You can also lie down on your back as it reduces the consumption of energy. It requires less force though all your limbs are in motion. One must paddle the legs and arm gently.

Learn To Tread WaterStep 6

If you are facing difficulty in staying above water, you can make use of any floatation devices to stay afloat. Whether it is a rubber tube or a log, the more you hold onto it, the less energy it consumes, and you can read water for a longer duration.

Step 7

If you fail to stay afloat using the above method, you can learn to tread water using the dog paddle technique. You have to move your arms out in the back while you continuously kick your legs up and down. This trick consumes more energy.

Learn To Tread WaterStep 8

The flutter trick makes use of your legs. Arms are outstretched solely for balance while you have to keep fluttering your legs in the water to tread water. To flutter, you have to point your feet downwards and kick your legs back and fro alternatively.

Step 9

You can also try the whip kick or the frog kick. For this, you have stretch your legs wide and then bring them back close quickly. It consumes less energy than the flutter or dog kick, so you can tread water for a long time.

Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps
Learn To Tread Water In 10 Easy Steps

Step 10

The final trick makes use of your arms only. Also, submerge your arms completely and stretch them to the sides. Now let your palms face each other as you close your arms in almost touching each other. Simultaneously, turn your palms back as you move your arms away to the outstretched position.


If you want to learn to tread in the water this blog is for you, just follow the steps and you will learn how to tread water very easily.

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