List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

Do you work out at home? Which forms of exercise do you consider? Technically there are multiple forms of workouts you can try out at home. Today must be your lucky day, as this brief blog will enlighten you on these forms of exercise. You’ll have a reason to get out of your bed every morning, to exercise. Here is a list of exercises for you.

Top 4 Home List Of Exercises To Consider


List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

A pushup is the primary form of exercise you can try out at home. It cannot miss in any list of exercises to try at home. You must start with a plank position as you ensure that your core is relatively tight.

After that, bend your elbows as you slowly lower your body towards the floor. Lower the body again down and back up. Repeat the sets several times to stretch the lower back, biceps as well as the triceps.

Burpees Comes Under Effective List Of Exercises

A burpee is a form of exercise that stretches almost all the body muscles. Cardiologists will quickly agree that a burpee helps to prevent severe heart-related conditions. At first, you stand upright with the shoulders slightly apart and your, hands down

Ensure that your hands remain in front of you as you squat. After that, assume a real pushup position.

Jump up as you get your feet close to the hands. Then stand straight as you move your hands above, the head as you jump.

Four-Limbed Yoga Pose

This yoga pose is one of the most strenuous forms of home exercise. It involves lying on the floor as you face downwards. After that, raise your arm to ensure that you support the upper body by the palms.

After that, raise your feet to support them by the toes. Remain in that push-up-like position for between 5 to 15 seconds. This yoga pose may be slightly tricky for beginners.

List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

List Of Exercises You Can Do At Home

Legs-Up-The Wall Yoga Position Comes Under Effective List Of Exercises

How can this not appear in the list of home exercises? Although the yoga pose seems easy, it stretches your leg muscles and the back muscles a little. Lie on a floor close to the wall atop a yoga mat.

After that, raise your legs such that they’re parallel with the wall. Then spread your hands such that they’re perpendicular with the yoga mat. Ensure that both your lower back and the legs remain elevated.

Eye-Popping Benefits Of Home Exercises

After seeing the bodyweight exercise list, it makes sense to know the benefits that result from them. Here are the most captivating benefits of home exercise.

  • It helps one to lose excess weight; most people do not know that yoga burns excess fats as well as oils. Technically yoga helps the body to use up excess fats and oils. Consequently, one loses the undue weight hence remedying obesity.
  • Improves one’s mental health; yoga triggers the release of chemicals in the brain. This chemical helps to relax the mind. Consequently, it helps to remedy severe psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression.


In conclusion, working at home is not just cheap but also convenient. Additionally, these forms of exercise require no professional input. Therefore you can try out at home at any time of the day. The more you work out, the less you’ll have to visit a medic. Make the right decision today; exercise more often.

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