Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

Have you been locked inside your house entire quarantine period restrained with dumbbells and a treadmill? Want to go out and sweat some relief under the sun? With a slight improvement in conditions, it now seems feasible to march out for outdoor exercise activities. There is no doubt of the benefits of indoor exercise sessions, but when you carry out physical activities outdoors, you expect better, quicker, and pleasant results.

This is because when you are out in the open, you summon your body with obstacles, elevations, and declines. And not just that, you also tend to socialize, carry out new different types of outdoor workouts which will keep you motivated, your mood cheerful and mind at peace.

But one thing that begins to concern is where and what to start with? For this, we present this article providing some classic and interesting hints on what types of physical activities one can enjoy sweating outdoors.


Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

What a start to the summer days with a pair of the trunk and swimming goggles! There is probably nothing more refreshing, easily accessible, and pain-free. Swimming is a definite advantage for your legs, shoulders, arms, and joints. The weightlessness property of water allows even people with disabilities or joint pains to head out for swimming. It relieves stress, cures high blood pressure and diabetes too.

Squat Till You Drop

This is rather more of a challenge than some random outdoor physical activities. It is a thrilling, sort of a complete body workout just with your bodyweight. You could carry this out as a competition between your mates and see who could last longer.

  • Begin with regular squats- 10 reps
  • Followed by deep squats- 10 reps
  • Knees to chest jumps- 10 reps
  • Next jump squats- 10 reps

Continue with the same circuit and each time reduces the rep count by 1 in each workout. Carry on until the rep count reaches to zero.

Outdoor Exercise Activities- Hiking

If you are planning to get a little adventurous, then hiking might sound just right to you. It has multiple advantages; first, you explore something new, a great workout for the lower body, cool breeze freshens up the mood, and you get to soak the heat of the sun all at once. Additionally, hiking as outdoor exercise activities has great cardiovascular benefits.


Want to try something new and interesting? Why not kayaking? It is a great summer sport full of thrill, scenic beauty, and a healthy workout for your core and upper body. But it is advised to attend practice lessons before you set out in the water. This outdoor exercise activity makes prominent use of the core, and then the strength of the arms and shoulders.

Relay Sprinting- Outdoor Exercise Activities

Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

Outdoor Exercise Activities For A Better Fitness Routine

Running and sprinting can be effective tools for fitness. But to make it more fun and interesting, we added a twist to it. Begin by setting markers at equal intervals of 10 meters up to 100 meters. Now all you have to do is begin by sprinting to the mark and then walk to the starting point for recovery. And try to continue this as long you can withstand up the mark of 100 meters. Sweat all your heart out!


Thus the Research proves that an individual can trim up to 6% of body fat within eight weeks of outdoor workouts. Therefore following this article will help you stay fit.


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