Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

Do you try out simple yoga poses? Which yoga pose do you consider the easiest to try? There are plenty of yoga positions that you can work on your own. You’ll be happy to know that these basic yoga poses are beneficial. As simple as they may appear, they equip your body with excellent health benefits. It would be best if you formed a habit of trying yoga. This brief will educate you on the simple yoga poses to consider. You won’t believe the fantastic results.

Simple Yoga Positions For You

Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

As hinted, there are multiple yoga positions that you can try. The beauty of these poses is that they’re simple as well as less strenuous. Therefore you can try them without the help of a fitness expert.

Cat Pose- Effective Yoga Positions

The cat pose is the least difficult yoga position to try out. It involves assuming a ‘table position’ on top of a thick yoga mat. After that, position your knees to be directly below your hips as well as the wrist. Please ensure that the elbow and the wrist are perpendicular to each other. Remain in that problematic position for between 5 to 10 minutes.

Chair Pose

As the name suggests, the trainee attempts to assume the shape of a chair. The yoga pose is about bending the knees. Ensure that the thighs remain parallel to the floor. After that, raise your arms in the sky. Stay in that position for between 40 seconds to 2 minutes.

Corpse Yoga Pose

Yoga experts consider corpse poses as the most advanced yoga poses. The position entails lying on top of the yoga mat as you face upwards. Ensure that you straighten the hands as well as the legs on the mat. These yoga positions help to relax the muscles, especially the arms, as well as the back muscles.

Bridge Pose- One Of The Best Yoga Positions

It has to be the most strenuous basic yoga pose. It entails lying on a yoga mat on the spine. After that, bend your knees. Then spread out your hand to ensure they’re parallel with the floor. This pose leads to the formation of a triangle-like structure. Although the yoga pose is draining, it has immense health benefits. It strains the hands, back as well as the leg muscles.

Benefits Of Popular Yoga Positions

Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

Popular Yoga Positions That You Can Do Yourself

  • Helps one lose excess weight; most simple yoga poses demands a lot of energy. For this reason, the poses help to burn excess fats as well as oils in the body. It helps to remedy severe health problems such as obesity.
  • Improves one’s heart health; some conditions such as obesity may endanger one’s health. The good news is that popular yoga positions help to prevent heart-related diseases.
  • Boost the muscle strength; some conditions such as arthritis stems from weak muscle strength. The good news is that yoga poses strains, the muscles. For this reason, they make the muscles stiffer as well as facilitating muscle building.


In conclusion, the health benefits of different yoga positions, cannot be stressed enough. The good news is that the poses are simple. Therefore you can try them at home. Thanks to technological advancement, you can access free yoga videos. Also, these videos will help you, master, as many yoga poses as possible.




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