Ice Grippers Five-Tooth With Reflective Strip


  • Five-tooth tungsten
  • Steel nail ice claw
  • With reflective strip
  • Non-slip shoes cover
  • Fast and efficient shipping
  • Package includes 1 Pair X 5-Stud Shoes Covers
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L 39-42M 36-38XL 43-45
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These ice grippers are also shoe covers with a reflective strip so you can stay safe even while skiing at night. Skiing enthusiasts are always in search for the best gear for the outdoor sports. It is available in sleek black color, with various sizes. 

Ice Grippers

Each package of the ice grippers includes 1 Pair X 5-Stud Shoes Covers. This five-tooth tungsten ski gear is capable of ensuring your safety while outdoors on the snow. Attach them easily with your shoes and footwear, and within a few seconds, you can start skiing. 

Tungsten is material manufacturers prefer since it is solid at room temperature. Furthermore, they also have the highest melting point, among metals, and also showcase the lowest vapor pressure. It resists corrosion very well, so perfect for these ice grippers if you want to have them with you in the long run. This makes these grippers great money-savers.

For Various Sports

Have these grippers for mountaineering, fishing skids, snow, and icy weather. To keep your safety while skiing, you must always ensure you are in good health condition before heading outdoors. If you feel different from your body, it is best to postpone your skiing another time. 

Moreover, be certain you wear the proper equipment that isn’t just for aesthetics but also for function. These include your helmet and goggles, as well as snowboarding wrist guards. Helmets can reduce head injury risks, while ice grippers will avoid slipping or falling on snow. 

Skiing may provide the health benefits — burning calories and fats, strengthening of the lower body muscles, improving flexibility, and more — but it’s also important you make sure you are safe outdoors. 

These skiing gear will not interfere with your endurance or the impact you give to the sports. Other individuals think having these gear will decrease their performance so they simply have their skiing footwear. The opposite is true.

Specification: Ice Grippers Five-Tooth With Reflective Strip

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Ice Gripper

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5-Stud Shoes Covers



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Ice Grippers Five-Tooth With Reflective Strip
Ice Grippers Five-Tooth With Reflective Strip


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