Fork Protectors Pad Guard Wrap Cover Set

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  • Designed for MTB bikes
  • Made with nylon fabric
  • Length: Approx. 19 centimeters
  • Width: Approx 11.5 centimeters – 14.5 centimeters
  • Package includes: 1 X A Pair Of Bicycle Fork Protector
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These fork protectors are cycling accessories ideal for MTB bikes, although they can also be used alongside other bicycles. Made with nylon fabric, the fork protectors are in color black, with length at about 19 centimeters, and width at about from 11.5 centimeters to 14.5 centimeters. 

Fork Protectors

Each package includes 1 X A Pair Of Bicycle Fork Protector. Experts say that it’s very important to always ensure the safety of your bicycles, for various reasons. These accessories are designed to protect your bicycles from incurring any damage. 

Among the guidelines include buying a safe, reliable bike lock, avoiding to park bicycles in crowded areas, and registering your vehicles. Your bicycles must also be locked even when it the balcony or garage that’s more enclosed. 

It’s also important to make use of a GPS tracker for your bicycles whenever need. In this way, you can further protect your vehicles even from thieves. During transportation and parking, these fork protectors provide cover for your bicycles. Never park your vehicles in the same areas every day, and ensure that your bicycles have insurance. 

Protect From Damage

This front fork wrap cover has various features. First, they are ideal for your 80 to 100-millimeter fork with shock-absorbing properties. Second, you can also depend on the Velcro fix design in order to further protect fork from damage. If you want to have this mounted on your front fork, prefer to have the front fork from getting bruised, as they say. 

Installation with the Velcro design provided is very easy. Plus, it is also very washable with the self-adhesive sticky features. They provide a very cost-efficient solution to avoid soiling among your bicycles. You can extend the lifespan of your bicycles while using these protectors. Though there are particular bikes that may claim them to work best on, you can have the right at any type of bicycles you own.

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Bicycle Frame Chain Front Fork Protector Guard Pad