A Clamp Lock For Easy Dumbbell Lifting


  • The clamps have a very nice grip, rubber handles.
  • The clamps can fit easily on the sides of the rod.
  • It is strong enough to carry heavyweight 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: ABS Rubber
  • Fitting: 1″ (2.5 cm) Hole bar rodes
  • Package: 1 Pair Clamp lock
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A Clamp Lock For Easy Dumbbell Lifting

Dumbbells have a slippery grip which might be harmful if they fall. The grip is very important to maintain the balance while working out. So, the dumbbell clamp lock provides the desired grip. It allows a comfortable grip that can be used and removed from the dumbbells very easily. Also, if the bar has weight plates then they would not fall off the bar because of the grip. They can fit in all standard bar rods are available of standard size. The high quality of the material maintains the grip and helps in supporting the bar.

Uses Of The Clamps

The clamps can fit easily on the sides of the rod. The rods are strong enough to carry heavy weight and when you put the weight disks, there are chances of sliding away. The sliders can hurt you and so the lock clamp at both the ends of the rod can prevent weight sliding from the bar. The clamps have a very nice grip because they have rubber handles. If the weights are very heavy then you can protect yourself from slipping the weight from the rod. The clamps are easy to fix and remove. You will have to roll the ends in such a way that they get fixed on the side of the rods and you can remove them by rolling in the opposite direction.

The Features And Best Use Of Clamps In Daily Routine

The clamps have different uses and the major use is in terms of building muscles. The easy fitting provides enough space so that the person can use them without any issues. The rotating motion enables different ways of fitting that can help in fixing it without any help. Moreover, the clamps have many different features that enhance the overall experience of working out. The sweaty palms often lead to injury and that can be avoided by using something that provides proper grip.

Specification: A Clamp Lock For Easy Dumbbell Lifting

Brand Name


Model Number

Barbell Spring Collar Clips


Barbell Spring Collar Clips


1 piece


Silver and Black


Plastic and Metal


25mm 28m 30mm

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A Clamp Lock For Easy Dumbbell Lifting
A Clamp Lock For Easy Dumbbell Lifting


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