Ice Gripper: Adjustable 10 Teeth Claws Crampons



  • Perfect shoes for skiing.
  • They provide ultimate support for the legs.
  • You can enjoy the skiing experience without worrying about slipping.
  • Easily adjustable shoes.
  • Provides extra support for climbing up the hills.
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Ice Gripper: Adjustable 10 Teeth Claws Crampons

We need proper footwear that will grab our legs while walking on the ice. We need to have a firm grip on our legs on the ice; otherwise, walking as well as skiing both become nearly impossible. Well, it is difficult to walk on the snow with your usual footwear because they do not have claws that will give you grip on the ice. And without grip you might fall as ice is slippery. So you need such ice gripper footwear that will make sure you stand firm on the ice.

Features Of 10 Teeth Claws Crampons Shoes 

When people go out on vacation at that time, they pick up attire and footwear according to the location. You cannot run wearing slippers in the same way you cannot walk on the ice wearing sandals. So you need footwear that is designed for walking on ice. You can buy these ten teeth claws crampons shoes that are perfectly designed to walk on the ice. 

Specification Of These 10 Teeth Claws Crampons Shoes 

There are ten claws in the shoes and the design is so to maintain grip when you walk on ice. You can adjust the size from 36 to 46 because you get a wide range of size availability. The high-quality crampons have high-quality manganese steel, which is very hard. The hardness and toughness improve the effectiveness of the product for long term use. You can use them for mountain climbing or just store them at your backpack. Polypropylene yarn and anti-water quality make it an ideal shoe for hiking climbing and ice fishing at high-density temperature. The cost is much less than any such type of shoes so, you can buy these or your upcoming most awaited vacation. Try out this gear for your next mountaineering venture.


Specification: Ice Gripper: Adjustable 10 Teeth Claws Crampons

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Ice Gripper: Adjustable 10 Teeth Claws Crampons
Ice Gripper: Adjustable 10 Teeth Claws Crampons


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