High Quality Climbing Holds For Your Climbing Safety


  • 100% brand new and with high quality
  • Pack of 10 pieces plastic rock climbing wall stones and feet holds in various shapes and sizes, with metal assemble hardware screw set
  • Durable design: rock climbing holds for kids are made with durable no toxic plastic construction
  • Summer outdoor fun: active kids are healthy kids. These climbing rocks are a great way to get children to climb and play outside
  • Package includes 10 Pieces Rock Climbing Holds (with Hardware Screws Set)


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Climbing Holds

Rock climbing can be very difficult especially for the beginner. This is why there is equipment like climbing holds that help every outdoor enthusiast get by. As they say, you’ve got to try and try until you succeed. Becoming the outdoor superstar is now within your reach. 

More About The Product

Our climbing holds are 100 percent brand new and at the top quality that you are looking for. These outdoor accessories are part of a set of 10 pieces of rock climbing stones and feet, made out of plastic, and come in various sizes and shapes. The package has a metal-made hardware screw set ready for assembly.

Your purchase comes with a durable design, and an edition for kids. That’s right, ours is not just for adults. The kiddie version is made with a durable non-toxic plastic construct, perfect for the next summer as well. Children should have these accessories to avoid injuries and keep their enjoyment going. The material is from a plastic climbing stone and metal hardware screw set.

How Climbing Holds Work

The idea of rock climbing holds is to provide an artificial wall, making the experience more fun. Generally, they have surfaces made withholds that help in strengthening the grip as the climbers mount the wall. The surface is usually made with textured products, like concrete paint and sandy polyurethane. 

The product comes in various shapes and sizes, plus a version made especially for children. They can also be used for indoor practice. The holds for children are usually made for their hand and finger sizes, plus they come in fun shapes and figures at the same time.

The Right Materials For Climbing Holds

Sometimes, the equipment may be made with resins. Also, the material is a common one and is used to mold holds in almost any shape imaginable. This allows makers to simulate these materials according to their uses. After all, they are always designed for the safety of the athlete, your safety. They also come in various colors. 

Specification: High Quality Climbing Holds For Your Climbing Safety



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Rock Cimbing Holds






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High Quality Climbing Holds For Your Climbing Safety
High Quality Climbing Holds For Your Climbing Safety


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