Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal


  • The foot pedal is a great tool to work out your entire foot.
  • It has grooves at the bottom, so it will not slip.
  • It comes in four interesting colors.
  • The ankle stretcher weighs only 400 grams and is easy to carry.
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We all need an easy and affordable way to work out when we are busy with our jobs and other work and the ankle stretch foot rocker is here for that.

Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal-

It is not easy to always find time to exercise, especially in this day and age. It has become difficult to save time for our health when we are trying to accomplish so many things. But there are small ways in which you can work out parts of your body without even noticing. Whenever we are busy doing work, you may see that we keep tapping our feet or fingers. It is a small thing that rarely ever catches any attention. With the Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal, you can do it as an exercise. Also, with the benefit of a complete foot work out. Because of this, everyone who wants to maintain their foot strength should have one of these.

Product Features Of The Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal-

A pedal is a curved tool that you keep under your foot. Even though the underside is not flat, you will have no problem with any slipping. Along with that, it gives your entire foot a good exercise. Due to this, it will be easy for you to run, jog, and walk. Even if you have a desk job or you are a student, you have the chance to train your leg.

Specifications Of The Fitness Pedal-

There are stripes and grooves at the bottom of the pedal that makes it non-slip. Thus you can do any movement on it with ease. It comes in four colors, black, rose red, blue and yellow. So choose the one that brightens your mood the most. In addition to that, it weighs only 400g, so you can easily carry it with you. This simple tool is a fantastic gift for any of your family or friend who is tired of just sitting around at work. Since you can use it without paying attention to it, it will not distract you either.

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Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal
Ankle Stretch Foot Rocker Fitness Pedal


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