Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Outdoor Accessories

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  • Geared for safety
  • Use for cycling and mountain biking
  • Steel and aluminum alloy materials
  • 44mm pitch
  • Package includes gift screw
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Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

If you are going mountain biking, chances are you will need your mountain bike disc brakes. There are different main kinds of disc brakes. One is your mechanical disc brake, which functions with cables. They are very much related to rim brakes. 

The other type should be your hydraulic disc brake, which offers a replacement for cables that have the hydraulic fluid within a line sealed fully. Also, This gear functions in such a way that as the biker presses the brake, the pressure causes for the fluid to transfer toward the caliper, enabling pressing of the pads against these discs. 

Product Features

These mountain bike disc brakes are the strongest you can find in the market. They are made with steel and aluminum alloy. Furthermore, two of the sturdiest materials that a transportation gear can be manufactured with. It weighs around 103 g/pcs or around 160 mm, 144g/pcs or about 180mm, and 185.5.g/pcs or at approximately 203mm. The pitch is at 44mm or just by International Standard. 

The thickness of the disc brakes is at 1.8 to 1.9mm, and at 203mm with a 44mm diameter at the center. The aluminum alloy bracket is for better heat dissipation performance. Therefore, Having this gear will enable you to run your mountain bikes with smoothness, and as you press the brakes, avoid accidents on the road. They are also very easy to maintain. 

Package Includes

Each package must include the gift screw for installation. Also, You can select from different color options. Available colors include black, red, gold, blue, green, and purple.

Meanwhile, Disc brakes for mountain bikes will allow each biker to use their vehicles in the toughest of terrains without depreciation. It is designed for bumpy trails and prevents the chances of tire overheating. It also allows for multiple wheel configurations, so you can use your bicycle wheels whether you are under fine weather or a stormy situation when you are on the road. 

Specification: Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Outdoor Accessories

Braking System

Line Pulling Disc Brake

Model Number






weight 160mm

about 103g/pcs

weight 180mm

about 144g/pcs

weight 203mm

about 185.5g


Aluminum alloy + steel

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Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Outdoor Accessories
Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Outdoor Accessories


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