2 Person Emergency Shelter Thermal Blanket Survival Kit

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  • 2 Person emergency shelter is waterproof that keeps your belongings safe
  • This is very easy to built with survival paracord
  • The best equipment when camping, hiking or picnic
  • Color: orange
  • Specification: 245*157cm
  • Package Content: 1 x 1 pc. Emergency shelter ( Bag, Paracord, Tent)
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1 set survival tent
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2 Person Emergency Shelter: A Must-Have For Camping

2 Person Emergency shelter is a piece of essential equipment you need to have when planning for camping. This serves as your survival kit.

When you plan to have camping, hiking or even picnic in far places you will need to have temporary shelter. You don’t need this extravagant equipment which is very heavy to carry. You just need the simple one that is very convenient to use.

Just like this 2 person shelter, this equipment would allow you to have a temporary bed. This is the best survival kit you can bring, as it is very convenient. When bringing this to the places you prefer, you don’t have to worry as this is foldable.


This may look like the small one, but it is very flexible to use. When getting this, you can get both a blanket and a tent. The size of the tent is good for 2 people. You don’t need to worry as this survival tent can adopt the weather you are in.

You don’t need to worry when trying to build this on, as this is very easy to build. This is also waterproof to use. Another interesting thing about this is that you can get this with a bag. This is where after folding the tent you can put this into the bag. An indication that you can bring anywhere you want as this is lightweight to carry.

This has also a survival paracord, which strengthens the tent when building it. You don’t have to worry about camping in summer or in the winter. During winter this can give you warm because of its cover and in summer, this can also give you freshness.

Another feature of this emergency shelter is you can use this as well as your pillow during the camp. Get yours today and experience the best camping with your friends, or with your family.


Specification: 2 Person Emergency Shelter Thermal Blanket Survival Kit


Emergency Blankets

Product Name

Survival Emergency Tent

Function 1

Survival Tent & Shelter

Function 2

Survival sleeping bag

Feature 1


Feature 2

Survival Whistle

Feature 3

Survival paracord

Feature 4


Feature 5

Keep warm

Feature 6

Easy to built

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2 Person Emergency Shelter Thermal Blanket Survival Kit
2 Person Emergency Shelter Thermal Blanket Survival Kit


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