23 LA Basketball Professional Ball For Training


  • A perfect gift to LA Lakers fan
  • Has a perfect and symmetrical design for a perfectly balanced ball without lumps or inconsistent bounces
  • Ideal to use for training
  • Material: Leather, microfiber, nylon, rubber
  • Size: 5/6/7
  • Package content: 1 x 23 LA Basketball
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23 LA Basketball Professional Ball For Training

A 23 LA basketball professional ball is a great one to use for training. The ball is ideal to be used by high school students, college students, and even professional basketball players. But it is most ideal for those who are LA Lakers fan. This is because the design and color of the ball are patterned after the famous NBA basketball team LA Lakers. It has a number 23, the number of the one and only Lebron James. It has a yellow and purple color which is the color of the LA Lakers team.

Perfect Gift Idea

A lot of girls and boys, men and women, kids and adults are into basketball, whether they actually play the sport or are mere spectators and lovers of it. More often than not, these basketball fans would like to take home a souvenir or memorabilia of the sport or the team they re rooting for. And one of the most common souvenirs that one can have would be a basketball ball. Because of that, it would be a perfect gift idea for this kind of person. For sure, you have a friend or two or a family member who is into basketball. So, if you wish to give them a present, this ball would be perfect, given that this friend of yours or family member is an LA Lakers fan. They will surely be happy to receive such a gift.

Description Of The Product

The ball is definitely of good quality. It looks neat and classy at a first glance. It has an advanced microfiber cover, a thick leather surface with a perfect tack. This is to achieve optimum playability. So you will enjoy every bounce and every move. It is heat resistant so you can use it outdoors. It is durable lasts quite long even with constant use. Furthermore, it has a nylon reinforced layer with a rubber inner bladder.

Specification: 23 LA Basketball Professional Ball For Training

Brand Name




Ball Material




Derivative Series

Basketball Ball

Model Number


Applicable People

Men, women, adults, children, teenages, students, league, team


Wear resistance, super air tightness, slip-resistant

Supply type

Wholesale or Retail

Suitable for

indoor outdoor street basketball balls

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23 LA Basketball Professional Ball For Training
23 LA Basketball Professional Ball For Training


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