4 PCs Tube Cap Aluminum Alloy, Dust-proof

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  • It helps in applying high pressure while riding the bike.
  • The tube cap protects the bicycle valve and prevents air leakage.
  • You can use these to upgrade your plastic caps.
  • The tube caps have a knurled body for additional grip.
  • Weight: 400-500gm
  • Dimensions: 16×10 mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Delivery and Package Information: The package contains 4pcs bike Presta air valve caps, and the delivery has expected within 30-40 days.
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The set of 4 tube cap is an effective tool designed for bike or bicycle valve protection. It is made using aluminum alloy material and is a high-intensity product. It has got a solid color that makes it look attractive. You can call it one of the best accessories for vehicles as it has fitted to bike, bicycle, cars, as well as trucks.


It is a high-quality product that makes it durable, so you can use it for a long time. With its cool appearance as well as amazing design, it will also act as decor for your bicycle. This way, it will work as a style statement for your bicycle, thereby, adding a personal style to the boring wheels.

The tube caps tool will help you to avoid leakage, dust, as well as other objects from damaging the wheels of the bicycle or any other vehicles.

The Best Tube Cap For Your MTB Bike

The tube cap is not a simple accessory. It has got multiple benefits that make it an appropriate product to be used for the protection of your vehicles. Check out some of these amazing features and benefits of using tube caps:

The tube cap is waterproof as well as rust-resistant. Even after a long term use, you won’t see any patches or stains of rust in it. That makes it suitable for one to use it for a long time and doesn’t affect the appearance too.

It is dustproof and practical. The tube cap will prevent the dust from jamming the wheels as well as creating a mess over there. It will help you to maintain it easily and have a smooth experience every time you ride on your vehicle.

You can install the tube caps easily. It doesn’t require much effort or professionalism to do so. However, if you feel any kind of inconvenience, you can read its manual that will guide you about its easy installation.

Specification: 4 PCs Tube Cap Aluminum Alloy, Dust-proof

Model Number

Bike Presta Air Valve Caps


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Aluminium Alloy

Apply to

Car, Truck, Motocycle, Bicycle

Adapted Vehicles

American Valve Car and Bike


Bicycle Accessories

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4 PCs Tube Cap Aluminum Alloy, Dust-proof
4 PCs Tube Cap Aluminum Alloy, Dust-proof


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