Waterproof Adventure Stickers For Your Next Outdoor Adventure


  • Made with high-quality vinyl
  • Suitable for water bottles, snowboards, cars, and tumblers
  • Neat with special air release function
  • Can be used for several years (money saver)
  • Perfect as presents


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Adventure Stickers

The love for the outdoors sometimes comes off very naturally, as they say, it is in the genes. Many outdoor enthusiasts go the extra mile to buy themselves fun, quirky, and fantastic adventure stickers that they can use wherever they go. 

These stickers are made with the toughest of materials and can be placed on their water jugs, tumblers, and even on their snowboards. They are also perfect to be given as holiday gifts, especially during Christmas. 

Love For The Outdoors

This affection for the outdoors is very viral, and as you share them with others, they will surely love the feeling of it. Aside from the health benefits, being with nature releases happy hormones from anyone. Nothing compares to the sense of freedom and being carefree while you are outdoors. Your environment teaches you to move without boundaries, explore opportunities, and release all the tension.

There are several reasons why you should involve yourself in tune with nature. You can get as deep as you can, but there are simpler things that you might forget. You can experience fresh, clean air, the gift of sunshine, the beauty of the scenery, and it is good for your health. 

Flora and fauna around you also give the feeling of being part of the community. The outdoors relieve your stress, enhance your vision, and give you access to the skies. 


How about some adventure stickers? Our product is made with high-quality materials, so you don’t waste your money by buying another one in such a short period of time. Package includes 50 unique pieces of stickers, and unless you buy more than one pack, there will be repetition in the design. 

You can use them for your cars, water bottles, laptops, picnic boxes, luggage, and more. These stickers use an innovative special air release, so they don’t leave an awful residue once you remove them. These stickers last a long time and can withstand the elements of nature. Whether your adventure is in a forest or a tropical island, you can count on them. Plus, you can wrap them as gifts for your friends and loved ones. Grab yours today.


Specification: Waterproof Adventure Stickers For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Brand Name





3CM ~8CM


PVC, Waterproof, Bright Colors, Not Repeating, Leaving No Trace




3CM ~8CM

Model Number





3CM ~10CM


Bright Colors Colorful


Outdoor Exploration Camping Climbing Travel Landscape Nature Adventure


High Quality PVC

Use For 1

Scrapbooking Laptops Skateboard Luggage Guitar Fridge Phone Bicycle

Use For 2

Suitcase Car Travel Case Motorcycle Book Water bottle Cup Bedroom

Suitable for

Kids Girls Friends Teens Children

Gift for

Christmas New Year Children's Day Halloween Easter Valentine's Day

Pattern 1

Forest Elk Bear Wilderness Landscape Elephant Giraffe Goat

Pattern 2

Aurora Sunrise Journey Bonfire Tent Meteor Mountaineering Sunset

Pattern 3

Snow Mountain Climbing Glacier Trip Vehicle Wilderness Landscape

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Waterproof Adventure Stickers For Your Next Outdoor Adventure
Waterproof Adventure Stickers For Your Next Outdoor Adventure


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