5L Collapsible Water Container Portable Travel Accessory


  • Covers every little space when compared to traditional water carrying bottles.
  • Very useful while traveling long and short distances.
  • Easy to carry even after filling the water
  • High-quality plastic used in the product
  • Comes in many attractive colors
  • Rectangular in shape which makes it more easy to carry
  • 5l capacity holds sufficient water for long time use.
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5l collapsible water container designed to fulfill the need of today’s life. It is the product which nobody can say no due to its significant utility.

This container is made of high-quality plastic, which you can easily fold and keep with your luggage while going on a long or small trip. It is one of the most significant factors of this product, which no one can easily avoid. Thought this product is so great, you can purchase this product online from any good online market at a very less price.

Carry Ample Water, In less Space, Anywhere, Anytime

This water container can accommodate ample of water. This property of this 5l collapsible water container is like a must-have for the users who love to travel too often and don’t want to carry a traditional heavy water bottle.

Takes Up Less Space

5L collapsible water container takes very little space to be fit in your pocket even. This water storing container is also useful for people who love to go camping. During camping, you can use this product to store enough water for your long walk without being tired.

Anywhere Anytime

This amazing design of the product is beneficial for those people to travel too much. Such people can use this product anywhere at any time as per their water needs.

Easy To Carry

The product design is unique to hold it after filling the water. While carrying it after feeling the water, you will not feel uncomfortable and can carry it for some walkable distance easily.

High-Quality Strong Plastic

The plastic in the 5L collapsible container is good enough to hold the water without damage. So you need not worry about breaking the handle of this product while carrying the water. Now you can relax, and carry as much water as you want.

Specification: 5L Collapsible Water Container Portable Travel Accessory




Pocket, Multi Tools


camping water storage bag


Food grade PE




Blue, white

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5L Collapsible Water Container Portable Travel Accessory
5L Collapsible Water Container Portable Travel Accessory


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