A Bike Rim For Holding The Tire Of A Bike

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  • It is Waterproof wheelset stickers.
  • It is useful for safety with lighting effects on the road.
  • It is made of reflective material, reflective super light.
  • Easy use, decorative, and conveniently sticking.
  • Suitable for wheels of 26er, 27.5er, and 29er inches.
  • The sticker width is 2 cm.
  • It is applicable for wheels with a diameter more than 56 cm, width more than 2 cm.
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A Bike Rim For Holding The Tire Of A Bike

For all bikes, it is essential to have a bike rim to hold the tire. The rim is actually the outer edge of any wheel. It is cylindrical in shape. The rim holds the tire on the wheel. In fact, the main function of the product is to support as well as seal the tire to the wheel of a bike. There are many features and specifications of the product. Then there are the wheelset stickers. These are very useful on the tires. They are reflective in nature. Also, they are waterproof, so they do not spoil due to water. The colors of the stickers will not even fade due to different reasons.

Details About The Bike Rim And Wheel Set Stickers

The rim wheel-set stickers available here are suitable for various sizes of wheels. The stickers are actually of reflective material. Again, they have many uses. They stick on one of the wheels. The stickers need to be attached to the wheels, the rims of bicycle or motorcycle. Further, the rims also make sure about the adequate fitting between both the tire and the rim. Moreover, it again retains the inside of the bike’s tubeless tire. The rim can be a large hoop and it is in attachment with the outer ends of the wheel’s spokes.

Uses And Features Of The Stickers

The wheel set stickers help a lot in providing the riders with an immense amount of safety. They produce lighting effects. These lighting effects on the road are responsible for the reflection of light in the dark. So this reflection warns you and saves you when riding. The product is of high quality as well as durable. The stickers are very easy to use and convenient to stick on the tires. Furthermore, they also provide a new kind of decoration for the bicycle. So you may stand out in a crowd of many bicyclists.

Specification: A Bike Rim For Holding The Tire Of A Bike

Brand Name



Reflective Stickers

Reflective StickersSize

26" 27.5" 29" use



Prodcut name

mountain bike stickers


(1 pair wheelset) use


wheelset decals water protecto


Road bike /mountain bike

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A Bike Rim For Holding The Tire Of A Bike
A Bike Rim For Holding The Tire Of A Bike


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