A Boot Protector To Keep Your Shoes Protected

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  • It is a unisex shoe protective covers.
  • It has a non-slipping woven belt for firm attachment.
  • Material used is soft TPU.
  • Protector size is 12 x 8 cm.
  • Long woven tape is 31 cm and short one is 10 cm.
  • Features include protection, wearable, and non-slipping.
  • Package contents: 1 piece x shoe protective cover.
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A Boot Protector To Keep Your Shoes Protected

How would it be to get something to protect the shoes? The boot protector does just that. It is a special product and a versatile one too. The product is completely new and easy to wear. You can quickly wear it upon the shoes and thus protect them from damage. This way, the life of your shoes enhances and it proves economic for the users. Moreover, you can use these protectors for different kinds of footwear. So if you are about to go onto some different activity, just change the shoes and put on the protectors again.

Features Of The Boot Protector

They are the protectors for your favorite and valuable footwear. They are easy to care for also. So you will not have to do hard work upon them. They are durable and comfortable due to the quality material. TPU material in the protectors keeps them comfortable to wear and remain on the shoes. Furthermore, the products are gear shifting motorcycle riding shoe protectors. The shoe protectors are of great use while you are driving a motorcycle. That requires a lot of use of the feet and hence of the shoes.

How Do The Shoe Protectors Protect The Shoes?

They work to protect shoes from damage due to tearing off. It protects the footwear from scuff marks as well as wear and tear. Motorcycle shifters can cause damage to the shoes. But with the protector upon them, they will remain safer. It is a shoe protective covet for your footwear. Available in the color black, they have a belt to tie to the shoes. This belt is a woven belt with a non-slipping design. So it remains intact on the footwear without getting off them during ride and use.

The covers come in a free size. So you are free to use them on any size of shoes. They are unisex and can be applicable to men and women.

Specification: A Boot Protector To Keep Your Shoes Protected


Spandex & Nylon

Boot Height






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A Boot Protector To Keep Your Shoes Protected
A Boot Protector To Keep Your Shoes Protected


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