A Hiking Stick With Great And Effective Features


  • It is Lightweight, durable, safe, strong, comfortable.
  • Anti-shock hiking stick with secured grip, adjustable.
  • Colors: blue and black.
  • Materials used: aviation aluminum alloy rod and manganese steel tip.
  • Size: Maximum is 135 cm and minimum is 66 cm.


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A Hiking Stick With Great And Effective Features

There is the requirement of specific equipment once you go out to certain outdoor activities. The hiking stick has several amazing features to make your activity more efficient and enjoyable. The product has a telescopic pole. The pole is a 3-section adjustable pole. Further, it has an ergonomic design. It is safe and comfortable. The product also has an anti-shocking feature. It is good to go trekking as well as walking. And its measurements are 26 inches to 53 inches. The product is a completely brand new one. And quality-wise it is really good.

Features Of The Hiking Stick

The adjustable length of the telescopic pole is approximately 53 inches to 26 inches. There is a system for an easy twist-lock adjustment. The handle is of rubber along with a soft sponge. It is comfortable to hold, use, and carry. Also, there is a mechanism to reduce pain and stress on the hands and wrists of the user. This is the anti-shock spring mechanism. Furthermore, there are straps with appreciable durability and adjusting features. They allow safety and security over the grip. And you can get the product in two colors as per interest. They are black and blue.

More Features And Specifications Of The Adjustable Pole

The pole has a tip of manganese steel. The tip also has a rubber ferrule and this ferrule is removable. This is to protect the product or the pole. Moreover, the materials of the product are aluminum metal. It is light in weight as well as good at strength. And also, the product will not sink into soft dirt or sand. This is because of the removable trekking basket. So, the rod is an aviation aluminum alloy in the material. And the tip is manganese steel. And as said, the measurements are 135 cm and 66 cm, maximum and minimum, respectively.

Immense Features, Greatly Useful And Quality-Driven Product

Therefore, it is clear that the product has all the required features we require in it. It is suitable for complete efficiency and effectiveness. It has all the great features like strength and durability. The product, pole,  is adjustable as well as safe and secured.

Specification: A Hiking Stick With Great And Effective Features

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Handle Material


Damping System

Spring shock

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Stick Tip

Carbon Tungsten Steel


Straight Grip Handle

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A Hiking Stick With Great And Effective Features
A Hiking Stick With Great And Effective Features


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