A Mini Hurdle For Kids Training For Soccer


  • Mini hurdles for practicing for soccer.
  • Anti-freeze and anti-crack.
  • Foldable, removable, and adjustable heights.
  • Size: 15cm, 23cm, 30cm, 40cm.
  • Material: new PE material.
  • Various color options.
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A Mini Hurdle For Kids Training For Soccer

Are you among those training to be future soccer champions? Want some nice accessories for your training sessions? There are various kinds of equipment used in training for football and soccer games. Among these is the mini hurdle. Keeping hurdles can let you practice a lot yourself on the grounds. So we bring these mini hurdles in various colors and sizes. You can use them for running, jumping, drill exercises, endurance training, and more. These soccer equipment can act as barriers when you want to practice with them.

Mini Hurdle With Adjustable Heights

These are an upgraded version of hurdles for football training. That is because you can fold them, adjust their heights, and even carry them due to their portability. In fact, they are also environmentally friendly products. They are odorless and a mixer of several kinds of materials. You can choose colors out of yellow, green, blue, and orange. These are sensitive equipment and great for children of all ages to practice drill exercises and for learning soccer or football techniques. They are also removable. That means you can adjust one on the top of another to increase its height and then remove and readjust it. Then you can carry them for safe storage inside.

A Helping Hand Toward Success

Childhood is the best time to prepare for your future endeavors, especially when it comes to sports like these. You can help children prepare their bodies for soccer or football at an early age. Also, these barriers can be just for casual exercising, endurance training, or body strengthening. Even if your child chooses some other sport, these hurdles can help with several techniques and preparation. These mini hurdles have certain other great features such as anti-freezing and anti-cracking. They are a product of PE material of high quality and are far from breakage or cracking.

Time To Get Them Soon

In case you have a child in growing age, who wants to be a soccer champ, then you should try these hurdles for making him or her practice well from now.

Specification: A Mini Hurdle For Kids Training For Soccer

Brand Name


Derivative Series





Super Fibre

Product Name

Soccer Training Barrier


Mini Hurdle



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A Mini Hurdle For Kids Training For Soccer
A Mini Hurdle For Kids Training For Soccer


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