A Skateboard Sandpaper, Waterproof And With High Strength

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  • It is useful due to strength, sand porosity, waterproof nature, and tear resistance.
  • Enjoy bubble-free skating experience for hours of skating.
  • Material used is PVC, color available in black.
  • Size is 82 x 23 cm.
  • Package contents: 1 x skateboard sandpaper.
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A Skateboard Sandpaper, Waterproof And With High Strength

A sandpaper is a must when you are using a skateboard. The sandpaper provided here contains perforations in hundreds of numbers. They are barely visible due to their size but offer the air an escape route. This is essential, in order to let the users enjoy a bubble-free application of the sandpaper on their skateboards. The sandpaper is of strong nature and waterproof. it is much required in skateboards. Due to its tear-proof backing, one can easily trim it clean each time. So without any doubt, the product is just the perfect one for all your skateboards. Let us look at the other features of the sandpaper for skateboards.

More Applications And Features Of The Skateboard Sandpaper

The product consists of a super sticky adhesive required to attach to the skateboards firmly. This is also essential for a safe skating experience as the sandpaper does not come out once stuck on your skateboards. Moreover, it can even bear different varying temperatures. It will not come out even in extreme cold or hot temperatures. Thus, the sandpaper makes your skateboards complete for skating sport. It lets you enjoy skating with much more fun and enjoyment. You will also not slip upon the surface of the sandpaper. This too is an essential thing for all sandpapers stuck on the skateboards.

Some More Points To Know About The Product

The perforation on the grip tape allows you to skate for hours without any break. The temperature resistance of the grip tape is as a result of the professional hard-wearing, waterproof backing as well as tear resistance of the product. It is a durable and great quality. It may require trimming for perfection in the fit. The porosity of the sand is good and much needed. Here you get black color sandpaper for your skateboards. It is a completely brand new product for all the lovers of skating. You may confidently skate with these sandpapers stuck on all your skateboards.

Specification: A Skateboard Sandpaper, Waterproof And With High Strength

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cycle zone

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Single Rocker


Skateboard Parts






abrasive paper

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A Skateboard Sandpaper, Waterproof And With High Strength
A Skateboard Sandpaper, Waterproof And With High Strength


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