A Ski Neck Warmer Of Quality Knitting Wool

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  • The ski neck warmer is soft, comfortable, warm, and thick.
  • Great for winters, made from knitting wool.
  • 13 colors for choice, geometric pattern.
  • Circumference: 50 cm.
  • Width of the scarf: 20 cm.
  • Package contents: 1 x scarf.
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A Ski Neck Warmer Of Quality Knitting Wool

Winters are a time when one cannot do without such warmers for the body. Similarly, here is this ski neck warmer for you to use during the winter season. In fact, they are great for skiing. We do skiing on the mountains laden with ice. The height also enhances the requirement to keep the body warm. These warmers keep the neck warm enough to keep you protected. Their quality material is able to be effective even in the coldest regions. These are brand new warmers for skiing and many more occasions. You may also use them casually every day.

Features Of The Ski Neck Warmer

The product is really effective and efficient in keeping you free from cold and very comfortable. It has a high quality. The material for its making is the knitting wool. This material is great to give warmth to the neck during cold and protect from cool winds. Furthermore, the warmers have a geometric pattern. And that’s not the end. To make the already fashionable warmers appear even better, they have several color options. There are about thirteen color choices for the more choosy ones. So select your best ones and wear them with your favorite dresses.

Specifications Of The Winter Product

Not just winters, but the product is of use during autumns and springs as well. These warmers go well with everyone. They are comfortable on the skin. They have a soft material to keep you away from distraction while you are working. In fact, it is popularly super soft. The warmers further come under the scarf’s ring type. You may refer to them as scarves. After all, they protect the body from severe cold. The circumference of the product is 50 cm and the width is 20 cm.

The warmers are greatly thick to give you warmth during cold and windy weather. They also contain velvet to keep them soft on the skin of the users. Also, the product is usable during any time you need protection from the cold. It can be while you are sitting at home or you are outside somewhere.

Specification: A Ski Neck Warmer Of Quality Knitting Wool



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Men Women scarf


Winter warm scarf


Neck warmer


Knitting wool cowl


Suit spring,autumn,winter


Circumference 50cm,width 20cm

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A Ski Neck Warmer Of Quality Knitting Wool
A Ski Neck Warmer Of Quality Knitting Wool
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