A Tube Snorkel: Essential Accessory For Snorkeling

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  • It is suitable for various activities like scuba diving and swimming
  • Food grade silicone mouthpiece
  • Hard plastic durable tube.
  • Universal fit, various options for valves.
  • Weight: 117-133g.
  • Package contents: 1 x breathing tube and 1 x plastic buckle.
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A Tube Snorkel: Essential Accessory For Snorkeling

Of the many important essentials for snorkeling is the tube snorkel. The accessory is among the most significant accessories for those practicing snorkeling. It has many great and useful features. The mouthpiece is a comfortable one. It is of silicone material. And the silicone material is food grade to prevent any harmful effect on the user. The product lets you use it for a long time due to the hard plastic. It is a full wet type breathing tube. Moreover, the product has a universal fit. It is usable for kids as well as adults.

Features Of The Tube Snorkel

The snorkeling accessory suits many kinds of activities in the water. These are namely scuba diving, snorkeling of course, and free dive. There are furthermore like swimming and spearfishing. The product allows no harm to the body of the user due to the food grade material. Talking about the colors you find here, one of these is black without a valve. Also, there are black with a valve as well as green without a valve. Coming further with the features, it is the best choice for those going for swimming accessories.


The product has good durability. It weighs about 117 grams to 133 grams. And its outer diameter equals about 35.5 cm. The product includes a breathing tube along with a plastic buckle. The product is a kind of separate snorkel s. It comprises a tube to breathe and a means to attach the tube to the wearer’s head. Furthermore, the tube at its top has an opening. And there is a mouthpiece at its bottom. The valve is also there for preventing the entry of water while submerged.

Very Useful, Best Quality Among The Essential Accessories

The product no doubt has great applications in so many water activities. One can carry out practices with this safe and reliable tube in water. It has great quality. It is among the most common accessories among the people doing these activities.

Specification: A Tube Snorkel: Essential Accessory For Snorkeling

Model Number

Dreathing Tube

Brand Name



Silicone + PVC Soft Tube


Orange, Dark Blue, Black

Package Weight

approx. 200g

Length approx

44cm / 17.32




swimming snorkel


Water sports


Snorkeling Tube


Breathe Snorkel

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A Tube Snorkel: Essential Accessory For Snorkeling
A Tube Snorkel: Essential Accessory For Snorkeling


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