AB Stimulator To Weight Without Hassle


  • Item: EMS ABS Trainer Abdominal Electro Stimulator
  • Application: AB Roller Coaster
  • Function: Waist & Abdomen Exercise
  • Model Number: RHG126
  • Type: Double-Wheeled
  • Material: PET resin gel + ABS
  • Power supply: USB rechargeable
  • Type: Toning belt for abs
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AB Stimulator For Those Who Want Weight Loss Without Hassle

Every year many people want to get the body for which they find many weight loss gadgets. One of which is ab stimulator. It is an electric muscle stimulator that strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles. The current passes through the body, and that’s why it is also known as an electric muscle stimulator. It is a kind of a belt that has small electrodes, and when a person secures the belt on his/her abdomen, then these electrodes send electrical pulses through the skin.

How To Use AB Stimulator

Stretch the belt around the waist. Keep the center part over the belly button. Secure and tighten the belt. Switch on the button located on the front of it. Then set the level of toning. And then leave the belt on your waist for 25 minutes. A person should do this five times a week if he/she is a beginner. It works well when a person is using it daily. Then there are chances to get the closer result a person wants. But if he/she is not doing it continuously, then there is a disappointment.

Before purchasing it, a person should do some research on it and look for FDA (Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) approval on the item. This device is not for those who have electrical implants like pacemakers and defibrillators. And those people who have had abdominal or other surgeries. 


Ab stimulator can’t burn body fat and is not a tool for losing weight. It only helps to tone the muscles and stimulate muscles in the midsection to contract. A person should not only depend on this device, but a healthy diet also enhances the results of a person looking good. It is like a crunch exercise. This device added strength in the body and is a supplement piece to a complete workout plan.  


AB Stimulator To Weight Without Hassle

Specification: AB Stimulator To Weight Without Hassle


AB Roller Coaster


Waist & Abdomen Exercise

Model Number



PET resin gel + ABS

Power supply

USB rechargeable


EMS ABS Trainer Abdominal Electro Stimulator


Toning belt for abs

Feature 1

Toning belt rechargeable

Feature 2

Electric Muscle Training,Smart Charger USB

Function 1

Abdomen/Arm/Leg Training

Function 2

EMS Training Home Office Fitness Equipment

How to use

1-2 times a day, 20 minutes each time

Use occasion

work, homework, exercise, weight loss


gym, office, home work, sports

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AB Stimulator To Weight Without Hassle
AB Stimulator To Weight Without Hassle


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