Muscle Exercise Equipment; A Must-Have Accessory For Building Abs


  • Features
  • Fitness Muscle Exercise Equipment
  • pressure-resistant
  • Abdominal Exercise Device
  • Technical
  • Pull Rope: 35-95cm/13.7-37.4
  • Size: 430 * 160 * 50mm / 16.9 * 6.2 * 1.9″
  • Packaging
  • One abs roller
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Muscle Exercise Equipment: A Must-Have Accessory For Building Abs

Do you like to spend a few hours of your day in the gym? Would you like to build abs? It’s a myth that to build abs, one has to spend time on those machines, but if you listen to the experts, they prefer the free weights or the bodyweight exercises. These body weights are very helpful and don’t have bad effects on the muscles. Coming to the muscle exercise equipment, the abs wheel roller is great for both men as well as women.

It helps to make the core stronger and to burn the belly. These wheels have excellent grip, so need not worry about slipping. It has been known to fat train the muscles for everyone. These rollers are the perfect home fitness device, as you can use them anywhere, and they are easy to carry in your bags.


Muscle Exercise Equipment At Home

You can use these abs rollers at your home, and you don’t need to go to the gym and hit the machines. You can use it as warm-up exercise and muscle training and belly fat burning exercise. It helps to strengthen the abdominal as well as  will tone the entire body

Muscle Exercise Equipment Durability

The material used is of high quality, unlike those cheap exercise equipment. They are compact, so can easily come in your handbag, like this where you are you carry the gym trainer with you. As this fitness machine comes with good quality, it won’t be obsolete easily.

Non-Skid Wheels

The wheels come with high grip and skid resistance. One can be reliable on these rollers as well as do the exercise without worrying about the rollers to slip and hurt the. The core is molded in solid texture and is very firm. You can use it on the floor or even a mat for a better grip.

Specification: Muscle Exercise Equipment; A Must-Have Accessory For Building Abs

Model Number

Abdominal Exercise Device

Classified by Exerciser Number



Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Teaching Mode



pressure resistant PP + high quality ABS



Pull Rope


Wheel Roller Muscle Trainer

Fitness Equipment

Abdominal Muscle Trainer

Press Simulater

Drop ship



gym equipment

gym equipment for home

home gym

fitness equipment for home gym

home gym equipment

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Muscle Exercise Equipment; A Must-Have Accessory For Building Abs
Muscle Exercise Equipment; A Must-Have Accessory For Building Abs


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