Absorbent Sweat Bands Multipurpose Sports Accessory


  • Ideal to use to fix hair, prevent hair cover the eyes, as well as to prevent the sweat flowing into the eye;
  • Has good ventilation effect, adjustable elastic band,
  • Perfect to use in all kinds of ball games, outdoor sports, and Yoga
  • Material: 60% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% spandex, 10% silicone
  • Weight: About 20g
  • Color: sky blue, black, purple, gray, Pink
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Absorbent Sweat Bands Multipurpose Sports Accessory

Do you need some absorbent sweatbands for your workout sessions? It is very natural to sweat a lot when doing exercises in the gyms or even in your home. Sweating actually is very vital for us to remain healthy. However, if you are frustrated and annoyed because your sweat is starting to annoy you, then check out this product. These bands may be the answer to your problems. It will block your sweat from sliding down your face from your head. It can prevent the sweat from your head to distract your eyes and gives discomfort while working out. Sweat is often painful for the eyes when working out.

Aside from the pain, it is also troublesome to keep wiping our eyes with a towel. This band can do that automatically for you. As soon as sweat is about to drip off to your face, the band can already stop it and restricts the downflow. Aside from that function though, it also neatly organizes your crowning glory. It makes your hair stay in place while working out.

Product Features

This product is of 60% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% spandex, and 10% silicone. These different combinations of materials are necessary for it to be as effective as it is. This headband can be for fixing your hair. It is always natural to move the head and our hair becomes entangled and messy when working out. This band can prevent that from happening.

Additionally, it also prevents your hair from covering your eyes. It prevents sweat to flow into the eyes. It has a good ventilation effect so it is comfortable to be worn on the head. In addition, it comes with an adjustable elastic band that can fit any head size. It is very comfortable to wear. It also looks beautiful and fashionable. Moreover, it will surely match your outfit while working out in the gym. This can be easily washed after using and will dry up so easily too. These are perfect to use for sports like ball games, outdoor sports, and even yoga.

Absorbent Sweat Bands Details

This elastic band weighs 20 grams and is very portable and easy to carry anywhere and anytime. You can simply put it around your wrist when you won’t use it or put it in your pocket too. The colors available are sky blue, black, purple, gray, and pink.

Specification: Absorbent Sweat Bands Multipurpose Sports Accessory

Brand Name



Thin (Summer)

Model Number


Grip Damping



Anti-sweat sports headband







Sports Type

Cycling,Hiking,Ball games,Running,Fitness,Yoga,play badminton



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Absorbent Sweat Bands Multipurpose Sports Accessory
Absorbent Sweat Bands Multipurpose Sports Accessory
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