Adjustable Football Trainer Soccer Training Equipment


  • It allows players to maximize the number of touches on the ball with more mobility
  • Maximizes your football training to the limit without chasing the ball
  • It comes with an adjustable belt with fastener tape which fits most athletes
  • Belt Length: 94cm
  • Cord Length: 100cm
  • Highly Elastic Cord: 130cm-300cm
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 Adjustable Football Trainer Soccer Training Equipment

Are you in need of an adjustable football trainer? Are you a sports enthusiast? Or maybe you’re not a fan of playing the game, but the excitement of this game will influence you just as well. Perhaps the game intimidates you; that is why you hesitate in playing it. But the truth is, it actually seems easier than it looks. With the right tool for practicing football, you can learn to play it in no time. This product will help you train to finally play a real football game.

If you already know how to play it, this can also help you practice. This allows you to improve your kicking skills. It enhances the leg muscles that are required for an intense action game like this. It is very important to practice such muscles because football is a sport that is always active. In addition. it requires agility and constant kicking of the football. You basically need to run a lot but other than that you have to kick the ball towards your teammates, or make a goal yourself. This product is very convenient and is super effective in improving your football skills. This can entertain you and improve your body muscles as well.


This product actually allows players to train hands-free. It even allows for more mobility. You can constantly practice kicking skills since the ball is very easy to reach. The design will allow you to constantly keep hitting the ball with your knees or feet. The ball sleeve and belt turn your ball towards your own direction enabling you to kick it by yourself. This can be solo because it is designed to practice leg and feet skills.

It comes with an adjustable belt with fastener tape. It can fit most athletes, and one size of the belt fits all. You definitely can maximize your football training skills to the limit without chasing the ball. This strategy makes you improve your football skills much more and much faster than just a plain soccer ball. This product’s material is SBR diving fabric. This is double-faced and extra thick for support. It comes with an elastic and strong cord.

Details of The Adjustable Football Trainer

This ball training equipment comes in color black. The belt length is 94 cm. The cord length is 100 cm. The elastic cord can stretch from 130-300 cm.

Specification: Adjustable Football Trainer Soccer Training Equipment

Brand Name


Derivative Series




Soccer Trainer

Football Kick

Aid Control Skills

Football Sport Trainer





Belt Length


Cord Length


Highly Elastic Cord

130cm ~300cm

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Adjustable Football Trainer Soccer Training Equipment
Adjustable Football Trainer Soccer Training Equipment


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