Adjustable Trekking Poles Walking Stick


  • Ideal to use for hiking and trekking
  • Can give support when walking
  • Material: steel and plastic 
  • Adjustable to fit different height
  • Comes with an assortment of colors to choose from
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Adjustable Trekking Poles Walking Stick

Are you looking for reliable adjustable trekking poles walking stick? Do you love going on an adventurous trip? Have you been fascinated with walking in nature, trekking, hiking, or mountain climbing? It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or an expert; you might want to bring your walking stick. Hiking in the wild and steep forest could be more challenging than you anticipated. If you choose a path unfamiliar to most people, the pathways might be undefined, unlike other common mountain ways. This product can help you sustain balance even in compromised situations.

There are possibilities of slipping and falling, depending on the condition of the soil and ground in the forest. This stick can provide you with balance and support your weight to make it easier to walk around. It is a helpful gear for most hikers, both young and old. So invest in it now and bring it along each time you for an adventure!

Advantages of the Stick

This hiking and trekking pole does more than you could ever think. It may look like a useless stick, which gives trouble to bring it. But in reality, it will make a lot of effort to sustain your energy. You can balance out your weight while using this stick. It helps you maintain your leverage when going uphill or downhill. In slippery pathways with muds and soils, you can hold on to it for more power. This can also make you carry your weight better when ascending. It is beneficial equally even for descending. This is a sophisticated helpful gear for most hikers and walkers. You can bring it and stack it into your backpack easily. It can be used in all four seasons. It comes with steel and plastic materials that are durable.

Adjustable Trekking Poles Details

This walk support pole comes with a handle and stable bottom leverage for balance. It is made of steel and plastic materials. It can be adjustable according to the hiker’s height. Lastly, it comes with an assortment of colors to choose from.

Specification: Adjustable Trekking Poles Walking Stick

Brand Name


Joint Number


Damping System

Spring shock absorber

Model Number


Outdoor Activity


Shaft Material



Straight Grip Handle

Handle Material


Stick Tip

Carbon Tungsten Steel

Length (cm)


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Adjustable Trekking Poles Walking Stick
Adjustable Trekking Poles Walking Stick


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