Hook Jig Head: Your Versatile Fishing Aid

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  • Material: High-Quality Lead
  • Colors: Assorted
  • Weight: 7g / 10g / 14g / 21g
  • Length: 5cm (approx)
  • Width: 1.5cm (approx)
  • Package Inclusion: 5x Hook Jig Heads (5pcs in a bag)
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Hook Jig Head: Your Versatile Fishing Aid

Do you love fishing? Are you looking for that suitable swim bait? Well, then you might like this hook jig head. This fishing jig head is the perfect tool for you. With its assortment of colors, this fishing bait is sure to snag those sneaky fishes that you have been aiming for. Because this fishing tool is versatile by nature, you can use it in either salt or freshwater. Regardless, this tool is your new fishing buddy.

Fishing Jig Head

To lure is to attract, a fishing jig is a type of a lure. It commonly involves a lead sinker, molded with a fishing hook into it. Generally enclosed with a head shape of a fish, this tool provides you a capable fishing bait. Comparable to spinnerbaits, which trudge through the water horizontally, these fishing jig heads are more competent to use. Jigs create jerky and vertical movements. This tool is also versatile, making it usable both in salt and freshwater. They are functional in either shallow or deep waters as well. As a result, this tool is perfect for any fishing venture. You can also add live bait or not when fishing. Either way, this fishing jig head can surely help you catch any fish that swims. It is your friendly fishing aid and a sure must-have for that perfect fishing bait.

Hook Jig Head Description

This fishing tool comes in five-pieces. The barbed hook is of high-quality lead, suitable to capture any fish. Also, jig heads are in an assorted shape and are multi-colored, providing you enough choices to choose from. This fishing tool is easy to use. It is also affordable and easy to carry. It is perfect for this outdoor activity.


The product is of high-quality lead material, guaranteeing you to capture any fish that swims. The jig heads are in various shapes and of assorted colors. It is durable and efficient to use. Therefore, you can select the weight of the jig heads you want to purchase. Weights available are 7g, 10g, 14g, and 21g. It comes in five pieces. Each weight has a different price. Be sure to select the suitable item that you wish to purchase. Package Inclusion: 5x Hook Jig Heads (5pcs in a bag).

Specification: Hook Jig Head: Your Versatile Fishing Aid

Brand Name


With Ruler or Not





Barbed Hook


Jig Head






6 colors


5pcs/lot(5pcs in a bag)



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Hook Jig Head: Your Versatile Fishing Aid
Hook Jig Head: Your Versatile Fishing Aid
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