An Essential Electric Oil Burner For Meditation, Home Décor

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  • Easy to clean the dish.
  • Good for an aromatherapy effect.
  • You can use fragrant pills and sawdust as well.
  • Time knob can be designed to automatically power off after 1-10 hours.
  • Use steps: prepare spices for dish, close dish and adjust the time, temperature. Rest, enjoy.
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An Essential Electric Oil Burner For Meditation, Home Décor

Are you looking for an oil burner for yoga and home décor? How about our product, that comes with high-quality materials? We bring here this essential electric oil burner for everybody out there. You can easily operate this tiny machine to refresh your room with its fragrance. This is a suitable gadget for a number of purposes, such as for yoga and meditation and for home décor. It is very beautiful in appearance and comes in varying designs and color combinations. So bring this oil diffuser tool for making your home filled with your favorite fragrances.

An Essential Electric Oil Burner And Its Features

The power can be turned off regularly when using this oil diffuser. You may also adjust the temperature of the device. Furthermore, you may know here that you should avoid dry burning when using the accessory. There are so many applications of this pretty little tool. They include ones like aromatherapy and spa aromatherapy. They are for bedrooms and home deodorization too. This essential oil aroma burner comes with a voltage of 220V to 240V. Also, you may know that it is a high-quality ceramic material product.

A Few Points To Note About The Product

When using this electric oil burner accessory, the temperature generally adjusted is 100 degrees. Also, the time generally set is about two hours. This is when we talk of essential oil. Now, when talking of fragrance powder, the temperature will come out to be 200 degrees, and the time setting will be four hours. Again, for a wooden block, like sandalwood, the temperature setting is around 240 degrees. The time set in this case is 4 to 5 hours. Apart from all this, when using powder and wooden blocks with the electric oil burner, you should put the spices in the dish.

Specification: An Essential Electric Oil Burner For Meditation, Home Décor

Cosmetic Feature

Assuaging and Calming


Aroma Burner

Plug Type


Application Area

Living Room


Essential Oil Bottle


Smell Removing/Dehumidification


Candle Aromatherapy Furnace

Model Number

oil burner




Chinese Style




aromatherapy Burner


Essentail Oil burner

Classify 2

Incense burner


meditation,Yoga ,Aroma Spa ,living room , fresh indoor air

Name 2

Oil burner

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An Essential Electric Oil Burner For Meditation, Home Décor
An Essential Electric Oil Burner For Meditation, Home Décor


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